I don’t have

Well – thanks Joanna!


I don’t actually have any photo’s of myself in my flag girl suit… we were’t sophisticated enough to be called “color gaurd”… we were just the flag girls.


But – we rocked a blue sparkle-y suit – fo.sho.


As for bows… I think there were none – and the most we did was agree to have ponytails…? I can’t remember – I do remember being in the choir room trying to change and feel svelte next to Jessica and the non-twin Angela, and being pissed as hell that my hair kept getting caught on the sequins. I do know I never sported the mall-bangs… I didnt have bangs – however, I DOOOOO know someone that did…


So – Kirsten, you’ll have to pull out the yearbook and post some photos – or email me them, and I’ll post them here.


However, I am willing to post a fun college photo. It illustrates the hair…


So this is me… in… jeesh.. 1996? or 1997 – I hacked it all off in 1998, so – its one of those two years. These are two deaf guys from my program and apparently we are playing mini-golf. and I am EXCITED. about I have no idea what. It’s possible I’m not at all sober in this photo as well… 


THESE I do have a plethora of –


Sorry JoJo – best I can do.

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4 Responses to I don’t have

  1. Joanna says:

    oohh, fun…. a consolation prize (although I’m still waiting for Kirsten to chime in with a photo or two…. surely I can get J to fetch me an old yearbook if kirsten doesn’t come through 😉

    This picture is too funny…and I can’t believe how long your hair is…it’s awesome!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Kelly says:

    Ahhh… look at your long hair! MAN! Crazy!

    Yeah, I’ve been told I need to post a band picture. I told her I have none… but I did find my 8th grade cheerleading photo. Man, that got her excited. Am I going to post it? Um, NOPE! =)

  3. Alison says:

    long and curly

    when it was straight or wet – … it was crazy-er

    I think my year book is at my moms house – so I’ll have to find it… we’ll see!

  4. kirsten says:

    I’m on it….searching yearbook pics NOW…I was gonna ask your permission – but I guess I have it 🙂

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