and then we bought hats

Today was a fun family event.


We took the train to Santa Barbara, went to the zoo and had a late lunch, and then took the train home.


We met this morning at 6:45 at the Grover train station. I was wise enough to hit the Starbucks on my way, and brought a box-0-coffee… yay! We boarded the train and had a great ride down to SB. We sat, chatted, drank coffee, ate snacks, and had fun. The kids could wander up and down and all around, and we had a fabulous time. The trip was just over 2 hours, and we arrived refreshed, caffinated adn ready togo.


After some… issues, we ended up finding the right place, and the right bus, and were on our way. We rode an open-air electric bus to the zoo – which was slightly chilly, but fun.


Once at the zoo – we had lots of fun wandering around and looking at all the exhibits. It’s a good zoo – but wow, some of those enclosures are small! We had some REALLY funny moments… I got dive bombed by birds, stuck in the aviary, and had a duck land on top of one of the enclosures. Oh – and then there were the mating lions. TOTALLY – hysterical. Check here:  for the photo’s. I captioned them appropriately.


And then we bought hats. Marky and I were in the giftshop and he discovered these and really for 7.95 – what more could you ask for. After much discussion and trying on of hats – I chose the Croc, and Marky chose the Parrot. We loved them.



We literally wore the hats for the rest of the day. This photo was taken… around 2pm? We got on the train to come home at 5:45 and Mark and I had the hats on for the duration. Minus – two points… one, when walking into the restaurant for lunch, and two – when we were at lunch. However, walking out of the restaurant, through SB, to the trainstation, waiting for the train… all hats, all the time. They were actually quite comfortable, and kept our heads warm, cause FYI… it was cold today.


So – we bought hats, and went to lunch. We ended up at Moby Dicks on the pier – OHHHHH it was goooood! Mark and I split a plate of fried goodness, and most other people had clam strips. The clam chowder was “perf” as well! After li-nner, we wandered the pier and got some candy goodness for the ride home… it was tasty! We ended up wandering back to the train station after lunch and Kate and I split off to get coffee – the folks in the snooty coffee shop were not so pleased with my hat.  After we got coffee – we sorta lost the group. We walked back to the train station and were greeted by… no one. The rest of our group were gone. We decided to wait outside for awhile, until I got dive bombed by 2 filthy rats with wings… pidgeons… and then I HAD TO GO INSIDE. At one point I asked teh train guy if he’d seen our group… you know the big one with lots of kids, and the guy with the parrot hat… he really though tI was nuts.


In any case – they shoed up, and after being entertained by some local drunkard/druggies -we boarded the train and headed home.


Train left at 545, got home at 755 – easy!!


Final thought – on the train tnoight was one. sole. marine. He was a private, and decorated – 3 lines of the little… flag thingees. and a silver star. It caught me off gaurd and I was very moved by the whole thing. He looked like he was about 12 – he was tall, and really really skinny – but a decorated Marine. So – like I told you on the train Mr. Marine – thanks for serving. It was a reminder of the bigger issues in the world.


With that – I am done, need to figure out what I’m going to do for Sunday School tomorrow – and head to bed.


Enjoy the photos –

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4 Responses to and then we bought hats

  1. April says:

    Nice pictures…especially the lions 🙂
    Did the sun set while you were on the train? That was my favorite thing about the train ride back last weekend.
    Two things about the SB zoo…the flamingos always look kind of sickly to me…and the gorilla exhibit totally freaks me out. I don’t like being able to look right at them through the glass or whatever that is. SCARY!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    How fun! What a great idea for an outing. The train is a great way to travel! The hat is hilarious! I can totally picture that during cookie fairies.

    BIRDS? You went IN the bird aviary? Why would you do that? Oh man, I could picture your face and the sheer panic while be dive bombed by those other birds at the train station. SCARY!

    =) Glad you had a fun day!

  3. Joanna says:

    I LOVE the SB zoo…we’ve had family passes for the past 3 years….

    April- pggthhh! the Gorillas are my favorite part, they alwyas provide some good story…last year the male took a big poo…rolled it around in his hand (like dice) sniffed it, and then proceeded to EAT IT! Paige still talks about it.

    When we went in January, Ally had her face right up at the glass and the gorilla came thundering up and THUMPED the glass…it totally freaked her out, but of course it just made me laugh.

    But, in 3 years we’ve never seen the lions ‘do it’. I love the ‘how you doin’ picture…except it looks like he’s about to eat her.

    BTW love the hats

  4. Joanna says:

    Alison- Kirsten just called out your old colorgaurd skills on my blog…I’m hereby officially double-dog-daring you to post an old colorguard photo…..

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