The Story of Bruce

I’ve been asked a couple of times over the last few weeks how I acquired Bruce, why did I start taking him places, etc etc.


So with that…


When I lived in Seattle – there was alot to see/do, and one of the highlites was going to the fair. I think in the 10 months I lived there, I went to 5 fairs (Puyallup, Monroe, Enumclaw… and a couple of others). Some fairs were big (Puyallup) some were TINY (Enumclaw) and the Monroe County Fair had 2 giant halls full of gadgets, and “As seen on TV” items. I went to that one with Carrie and Richard – and really. I don’t think I’d met someone who loved gadgets more than I did – but we lost him in that building – it was comical.


So – we went to the Enumclaw County Fair to check out the site so we could use it for Opening Ceremonies for our event. It was… Carrie, myself and… Avi. Avi wasn’t feeling great, so she came – but brought matza crackers to eat the entire time. (Not sure why I remember that). The fair was fun – small town, games, rides, etc. There are three things I remember clearly about this particular event…

A.) I won Bruce at the “Whack a Mole” carnival game. It was me vs an 8 year old, and whoever won, got to pick a prize. I was DETERMINED to win, and I think I maybe elbowed that little kid while I was whack-a-mole…ing. No shame. So anyway – I won a couple of times, and traded up and chose a big orange frog with yellow dots. Bruce. Avi played as well, and beat another 8 year old and won a bright green with yellow dots frog… Bruce’s cousin. Not sure she named him/her though.


B) Carrie and I rode that ride… the… oh crap, whats it called…. ah yes, The Scrambler. Avi wasnt feeling great – so she hung out outside the ride, and had her frog around her neck, and made Bruce “dance” – think… the frog version of the hustle while Carrie and I rode the ride. OMG – I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. It was SO fun!!


C) Christopher Cross was the entertainment that night, and I made us go to the concert. He was on a raised (by 6 inches) platform, and we sat in the grass nd watched him for awhile. Once “Sailing” had come on, I said we could go.


So – cut to a year later, I had moved back to LA and was being parked in Atlanta for a few weeks. I left Bruce behind, I didnt’ want to lose him. When I came back, the Creative (no really, tht was thier name) department had taken custody of Bruce and taken him on a few adventures. A link to those photos are below, and that was when I first started taking Bruce places. He’s been my bunk mate on the tour busses, lived in my cabin at camp, been the safety stuffy at camp, on and on.


I’m sure there will be many more adventures to come. Enjoy Bruce’s first adventure by clicking the link below!

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2 Responses to The Story of Bruce

  1. Joanna says:

    Love the old school photos of bruce (esp. the ones on the stools…the little piggies look like his groupies)

    funny that you have a link to your facebook…check out my post from today..I’m looking for ‘facebook feedback’

  2. Kelly says:

    Love the concept of Bruce. He’s been all over… just like Flat Stanley. But, Bruce loves yoga, so he’s special. =)

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