I won, I won!

My friend Rose has a “Freebie Friday” on her blog. She’s a Stampin’ Up presentor and paper-crafter wizard… and each Friday you can enter a drawing and win something fabulous she has created…




Stand back people.


This was my week.


I. WON. and I love what I won…


Check out my prize:



And be sure to frequent Rose’s blog, often.  http://rosemariediehl.blogspot.com

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2 Responses to I won, I won!

  1. Kelly says:

    Yeah for winning! That’s very exciting! That’s a cute little card holder with cards! I guess it was your lucky day. I won some art museum passes recently. I was bummed I didn’t win a prize I would actually use, then again, I never win anything… so it was very exciting!

  2. Joanna says:

    What a neat blog, thanks for including the link….I can’t wait to *see* your prize.

    psstt–Kelly, no worries- I’ll take you to the 4 Season’s Biltmore brunch…..

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