I am breakfast challenged.


I don’t enjoy eating it.


I never have.




I am trying to eat a healthy breakfast each morning.


Allot of times I eat leftover dinner – and while eating Salmon at 8AM seems weird, it doesn’t bother me. But – I’m attempting to be healthy – and so… I’m experimenting with traditional breakfast foods. Plus – the traditional breakfast items seem to mesh better with the morning coffee.


I have a friend who eats Raisan Bran or oatmeal every morning for breakfast. With out fail. That’s what he eats. Every. Morning.


I plan on trying out a Cheerios mix some mornings, and experimenting with oatmeal flavors. I already make a pumpkin oatmeal that isn’t terrible, but there has to be other options. With that – I saw a new oatmeal concept yesterday, and decided to try it out this morning, and I’m happy to say… I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it.


Here it is:

Apple Oatmeal

1/2 cup of quick cooking rolled oats

1 cup of apple juice

dash salt

a sprinkle of nutmeg

a sprinkle or 3 of cinnamon


Microwave for… however long it takes until it looks like the consistency of oatmeal you want. 30 seconds before that time, drop in a small, like 2 teaspoons of butter and stir it up a little. When it hits your magic consistency, sprinkle some brown sugar on top.


A photo… taken from the Oprah website, where I saw this recipe….

Overall – tasty, very sweet, but better than the average oats.

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4 Responses to Breakfast

  1. Kirsten says:

    Ugh – I’m with you…I’m SO NOT a breakfast person. Probably why I struggle with weight – or so all the mags say. And I hate oatmeal, so that’s out. When I was pregnant and woke up starving every morning, I would eat a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch EVERY DAY – and maybe a stick of RF string cheese…and fruit – tons of fruit. and whatever else I could cram in my piehole (mmm, pie!) But now? It’s coffee…and coffee.
    Let me know if you find anything to eat besides oatmeal – heh.

  2. Laura says:

    Okay I too am very picky about breakfast. I really do not care for eggs, unless they are just used for dipping the toast in. But who has time to make all that in the morning…not me..unless im home that day..but Id rather have pancakes or french toast:) I go through phases. Lately, its oatmeal, but not by choice, its just quick and cheap..but I mix it with peanut butter and brown sugar, which makes it..ehh..ok.
    My favorite would be Lucky Charms, but now that I am trying to eat somewhat better I love Kashi O’s ..not sure what they are called..but I eat them plain sometimes and they are super healthy! Also, Trader Jo’s Fiber O’s are really good, and I could eat those dry too ..mmmm!! I must be getting old… I now think Fiber O’s are good enough to eat for dessert.

  3. Joanna says:

    Hmmm..I could eat breakfast foods morning, noon and night…..

    I’m currently on a Fiber One kick..they came out with some uber tasty cereal. My current favs are the frosted shredded wheat squares and the caramel one too (sort of tastes like life)

    I also like to cook up 2 slices of canadian bacon (cut in thin strips) with 2 scrambled eggs and a pinch of RF cheddar cheese..super tasty and filling too…

    Or there’s always my standard favorite a toasted bagel with some RF peanut butter..yumm!

  4. Kelly says:

    I love breakfast. Problem is, I hate fixing it! I’m with the others, it has to be quick and easy. I’ll save the tough stuff for eating out. My daily breakfast recently is a Fiber 1 bar.

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