And then…

My activities for the day –


9AM – wake up. warm and toasty under the blanket.

930AM – talk to Mom on the phone, round 1

10AM – talk to Mom on the phone, round 2

1030AM – talk to Mom on the phone, round 2 1/2

11:30AM – leave for WEC potluck

12:00PM – leave WEC potluck for baby shower, via the grocery store

12:25PM – arrive at baby shower

2:15PM – leave baby shower for tire store

2:35PM – arrive tire store

3:35PM – leave tire store, with 2 new tires, aligned and balanced. depart for trader joes to purchase salad fixings.

3:50PM – leave trader joes. depart for family bday dinner –

4:20PM – arrive family bday dinner (fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, corn, salad)

10:40PM – leave family bday dinner. depart for home.

11:25PM – arrive home.


PHEW – Long. Day – but fun all around!!


Baby shower was fun – I learned the official names of lots of baby animals, alhtough at the family dinner when I was recapping, we think that “welp” is an action, and “pup” is the noun…. in regards to baby seals. Not that it would have helped me much – but still!!  Favorite Funny Moment:

C: Oh, neat – reversible wrapping paper


C: Isn’t this your present? Didn’t you know that.

(Hysterical Laugher, all around)


Also – finished a couple of totebags and coupon holders. I am going to try doing a padded version, and a newer rounded with a pocket version – exciting! Here are some photos of the ones I”ve made recently. The good sides of said bags… not the strings still attached, not so straight or even hems…. btw new vocabulary words… backstitch, contrast stitch…



20090301_03 20090301_04



20090301_06 20090301_07


The folded in half, that open up things are coupon organizers. Keep in mind people – this is my 2cnd and 3rd projects, really – so it sorta looks like an 8 year old made it – but really, its the best I can do at this point.


Final comment – the other day it was cold and foggy here, and not much sun was peeking through. This is sad for the cat – he loves to pass out in the hot sun. After a while in the morning, I didn’t seem him – so I was getting coffee and found this. The one and only spot of sun in the whole house.



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4 Responses to And then…

  1. Laura says:

    Wow! Im so impressed!

  2. Joanna says:

    Yea You!!!!! I’m so impressed that you’re doing this all by yourself….I’ve taken sewing classes in school and even got some lessons by my neighbor but I *still* need Kelly and Charlene’s help when I’m following a pattern.
    I’m bummed I missed you at the shower…..

  3. Kelly says:

    You make me laugh! “OH NEAT!” How about that paper? I should have warned you. ha.

    You’re doing awesome with your sewing. You’ve taken on some big projects VERY quickly! You learn quick! Glad the finger is healing. Silly!

    Ah Simon. I love that cat. =)

  4. Christy says:

    It was great to have a laugh with you this weekend. Hope we can all get together again soon!

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