The Snow Trip

I went to the snow last weekend, with the family – on the usual trip, and got home and was out of the house Monday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night, so this is really the first chance I’ve had to blog about the trip.


I was lucky enough to bring home a sinus infection – it’s not contaigious, but today it’s kicking my ass.


So – back to the snow trip. (BTW – have you noticed that I start 90% of my blogs with “so…” or “well…” – trying to figure out if I do that in normal conversation… I think I do…)


We left Saturday morning at 10. We always take 3 cars – 1 for the P. Family, 1 – for the A. Family, and 1 with Denette, Laura, and myself. (That’s 4 people… Dennis + Annette =  Denette… unless they are being less than enjoyable, and they become Annis). The trip up the mountain is usually pretty uneventful, but this year we were the trip of many stops. We knew ahead of time that we wanted to use a tarp to cover everything in the back of the truck – so we got that all set up and squared away pretty quickly, but when we started driving the wind got under the tarp, and was trying to blow it off/up. So – we pulled over about 1/2 mile from the base of the grade on the side of the 101 to “rewood” the tarp. After, we got that secured, we took off again, only to stop about 200 feet down the road, to actually tie down the tarp. That would be to my doing – I was game to stop in Atascadero, but we ended up just pulling over and tying it down. (Stop #2 – keep track now, it gets exciting). We got up an dover the grade – and stopped again to get coffee. I had already planned ahead and got coffee in the morning, since I was leaving the county, and all. In a show of support and generousity – Annette offered to stop again, so my Dad and I could get coffee. So – we stopped again, and then we were really off like a herd of turtles.


The next stop came at Kettleman City – where we stopped for lunch. Just as we got settled, Gina and Joe and the kids came in and got lunch too. I’m not sure if you know this – but I stopped eating fast food (basically anything with a drive through) in September – so my options were somewhat limited at KC. I ended up getting chicken wraps and FF from McDonalds, because there were literally no other non/restaurant and yet fast options. I regretted that decision about…. 25 minutes down the road. At that point, I literally told my dad that he needed to pull over at the next bathroom option… construction worker porta-potty, gas station… I didn’t care what, but it needed to be soon. Lucky for me, there was a gas station – so I was all set. PHEW. (Stop # 5).


The rest of the trip was really good – we stopped in Oakhurst at the Railleys for meltable items, and then stopped again at a gas station to get gas. (Stop 6 and 7)


We ended up stopping only one more time, at the lobby of the Redwoods to pick up our key, before landing at the house. Gina and Joe had already arrived and were unpacking. I hauled my bins down to my room, and unpacked and settled in.


We stay at the Redwoods in Wawona, inside Yosemite. Each year, Denette and Laura pay for the cabin for 2 nights, and Marky and Kim, Gina and Joe, and I split the food. We each are assigned meals or areas to bring and cook/setup/whatever for. Mark/Kim had… dinner night 1, breakfast morning 2, Gina had lunch 2, dinner 2, and I had breakfast 3, dessert both nights, chips, coffee and condiments. We all bring a variety of saran/foil items and end up with 3 packed to the gills rigs for 2 nights at a cabin.


This year we were in cabin 64, I had the room with the 2 twins.


Dinner was good – we had chicken enchiladas, 2 pans of green/tomatillo, and 1 pan of red. We had rice and beans and cheese and salad…. and for dessert cheesecake with different topping options. I made a lemon curd, and ther ewas also raspberries, cherries, and… something else I think.


Saturday morning Marky and I made breakfast – it was FUN, and good, and then headed off our seperate ways. Well, really – 10 of the people went one way, and my Dad and I stayed behind. There was no snow. none. on Sunday – so there was no where to go sledding. The big group decided to head down to the valley floor – but thats way to windy for me, and so I opted to stay back. It actually worked out well, because I needed to do some work, and happened to discover that there was FULL internet access. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO – I was SOOOO excited – so I stayed home and hung out, and interneted and did the work I needed to.


The big group came back in the afternoon and ended up going to play in the mud pit. That late afternoon was fun and full of reading, board games, hanging out – it was fun. It’s one of my favorite parts.


That night was very exciting – it started to snow. ALOT. We had tons of fun being goofy in the snow, and then when we woke up Monday morning – it was covered and awesome. We ended up pulling out early and got home around 3:30pm – it was a fun trip. The rides to/from were a little… not relaxing, but thats not a blog post, thats an inperson recap.


Sorry for the long post – but I know there are some that like details. The pictures commence… actually, I think I’m going to just drop in the link to my Facebook. You should be able to open the link and view the photos – even if you don’t have FB account – they are all captioned, so it should make some sense.


My current favorites – butt prints in the snow.


Click here to enjoy the photos!

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4 Responses to The Snow Trip

  1. April says:

    I like the wordy post. I have my own snow adventure to post about but it will be long too and I just have not had lots of extra time for blogging lately. I think you guys are brave to make butt prints using actual cheeks! That takes some determination 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    I always LOVE your family adventures. The butt prints are my favorite part. Um, BURRRR!


  3. Joanna says:

    I ‘third’ the butt prints 🙂

    I like the photos of the three generations watching the snow, too….

    Glad you had such a good time. We’re going to Yosemite during spring break..I haven’t been since our trip with the d/hh kids, and am looking foward to going with the girls.

    I LOVe the wordy posts…and I totally appreciate all the details 🙂

  4. Lynnette says:

    I enjoyed your details, thanks! It’s like we were right there with you. How else is a story suppose to go? The beginning of your trip sounds like J’s mom…’And we’re off”!! (but not really).

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