Time Flies

Well… let’s see…

New Job = very different, intense, hard, makes my eyeballs hurt, but is good. I like the work I’m doing, and have zero idea what I’m doing like… 70% of the time. It’s also busy all day, which makes the days go by fast, and no time for blogging, and limited checking of the FB – which is probably good.


Church = good, busy. busy.


Hung out with AKA two weekends in a row, and one weekday – that was awesome. We did a trade… computer services for laundry privledges, works well on both ends. The big A even got in on the game, and helped prepare dinner – good job Big A. The little A just was entertaining, minus the banana moment, but other than that – it was fun, and I think she likes me. PLUS the dog didn’t bark at me – always a plus.


House  =clean, love Alejandra. can I get an AMEN for that one.


This weekend = I’m outta here, going to the Mountains for a quick trip, should be snow-ey and fun. I have breakfast one day, desserts, and coffee. I made lemon curd tonight – I think its tastey – that will go onto one of my desserts.


Finally – much thanks to the comments and emails about my “25 Things post” it was interesting to see what it brought up, I appreciate the support and comments – it was an interesting expierence on my end.


With that I’m going to take a quick nap, and get up to go to the pool in…. 5 hours and 15 minutes.


I have photo’s of the Simonizer to post at some point, he’s been pretty entertinaing lately, but camera is way over there, and I am way over here and maybe tomorrow… who knows…



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2 Responses to Time Flies

  1. Joanna says:

    Amen for Alejandra!!!!!

    Have fun this weekend in the snow..has it really been a whole year since last year’s post about the snow..
    ps. love the AKA acronym, I’ll have to use it once in a while

  2. Kelly says:

    Another Amen for Alejandra! LOVE her!

    Thanks for hanging out with us this past week/weekend. We had lots of fun. Yeah, sorry for the banana moment. We have to try new things, but apparenly she wasn’t ready for “lumpy”. See what fun we have around here? =) Dinner was yummy and your company was fun!

    I can imagine how addicting FB is. Good thing I haven’t even tried it. Can’t do it. =)

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