Before I go…

So – I found this a while back, and occaisionally do a wordle of my blog, so that I can see if what I’m talking about is really true to what I’m doing, feeling, focused on, etc…


I like the current one – but I see a couple areas missing, mostly because I don’t talk about them here – so I’m pleased.



The last couple of weeks in my “spare time” I’ve been working on clean sweeping/reorging my home office, and Simon has been “helping”… He likes to participate in all activities, including putting away/getting out the groceries… inspecting new storage containers to ensure they are acceptable, etc. He also likes the top of the computer screen and the laptop, so that he can help with work calls and projects, and the window seat…  – so enjoy the random pictures below.

p1280145 p1230132

p1230134 p1310152

p1280141 p1280142

p1280143 p1280144


Allright – I’m off to the snow with the fam for a few days, I plan to pack my camera – and will hopefully remember to take photo’s.

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One Response to Before I go…

  1. Kelly says:

    I hope you had a great weekend in the snow! Can’t wait to see photos and hear all the fun stories.

    Love the Simon pics. Man, he’s going to be mad when you get back. The Lady left me!

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