Reality has set in the last 10 days, as I’ve settled back into the real world, after my trip.


I’m really trying to remember what I learned, and not let those thoughts and moments slip away. However, as work ramps up, and Hapitok ramps up, and Church ramps up… I’m working harder to remember what I learned.


The past few days have been crazy – last night was the first night I’ve been home in over a week, each day of the last few has had at least one thing at night, accompanied by an all-day activity. Not that that’s bad – its just tiring.


A brief note on the weather outside vs. the weather in my apartment…


The last few days have been HOT. HAWT. Like 81 degrees outside hot – which rarely happens in the summer, muchless in the winter. However, in my apartment, it’s stayed a nice… 59 – so while I’m wearing sweats, a shirt, and a sweatshirt, with a blanket over my lap at my desk, I’ve not been running the heaters the past few days – which is nice.


Simon has also mainted his warmth – by today snuggling under an extra blanket in the office, or on his fleece blanket in the warm window, under the covers on the bed, on and on.


Here’s a couple of photos of the cat from today.  And yeah – when he’s dozing, he really does make his eyes slitty where all you can see the yellow – its kinda freaky sometimes! He likes to snuggle up next to the Hapitok pillow and use it as HIS pillow… good times.


p1080129 p1080130

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