I hate yoga.


I find that it hurts, and not in the good way.


I don’t have a great sense of balence, so that’s never good.


I just don’t enjoy it.


Bruce, however, does like it.


He’s very flexible – which is a plus.


It was requested that there be a Bruce doing “downward dog” ahem. FROG… but that didn’t happen. However, I have included a series of photos from Bruces yoga practice from yesterday. You’ll notice Downward Frog is in there.




pc300119 pc300120 pc300121 pc300122 pc300123 pc300124 pc300125


For those that wonder where Bruce lives, when he is not traveling… You will find him here:



And for those that wonder if this was Bruce’s first trip. No – once I left him behind, while I was traveling and working for the event company, and 2 people took him for the weekend and he rode a train, went to a dodger game, went to the Mens County Jail, and… something else – it was fun for him, and funny for me!

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7 Responses to Yoga

  1. Serenity Now says:

    I think Bruce should do porn…he’s bendy!

  2. Alison says:



    But someone suggested I put a swimsuit on him and make him come to Water ex with me!

  3. Joanna says:

    Ahem,…….. Surely Bruce *could* do Porn since he can put his legs behind his head….but, I’m not sure that’s usually the dudes position, KWIM?
    I love the downward facing dog, but my favorite is ‘salutation to the sun’.

    Sidebar- have you ever seen the Disney movie Brother Bear? They have these hilarious moose that talk about yoga…quite funny, really….

    Is Bruce available to travel with guests…it would be fun to have him *visit* different places……a thought??????

  4. Alison says:

    I mean technically yes – Bruce could do Frog Porn – but does anyone really envision that as a life for thier stuffed frogs… no, no they don’t!

    Bruce loves to travel – and has been to many of the same states I have. I’m sure he’d like to go on other vacations with people, as long as he came home in one piece, had lots of fun/funny photo’s taken, and his person (me) got a copy of those photo’s to add to his book…

    Bruce is apparently my version of Flat Stanley… but WAY more fun!

  5. kaleena says:

    aw, I love Flat Stanley! And Bruce. Yoga: not so much. My center of balance seems to be about five feet from where ever I am.

  6. April says:

    I agree that yoga is hard. I don’t think it’s for the fat people…which I am one of. Have you ever tried yoga on the Wii Fit??? It’s kinda interesting. Kaleena says her balance isn’t good but she is good at the balance games on the Wii.

  7. Kelly says:

    Hilarious. Frog porn. But then he, too, will ask for a bail out from the government.

    Yoga… I’ve never tried it but can imagine I wouldn’t be very good at it. Plus, I’m not flexible enough. I guess that’s the idea of it, but whatever.

    We should get together this weekend. =)

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