Back To It…

Well, friends…


Tomorrow is the day, that I officially return to the real world. Work begins, the pool is open, I have a meeting one night next week, things packed in next weekend, and really I’m back in it it.


I spent this weekend, trying to ease back into the world. I literally spent the previous 6 days, doing not much with other people, I spent 3 hours on 2 days each, with Melinda, and other than that – minus some minor chit chat about the Central Coast in the tire store, and random conversation with Hotel Clerks – I was really really to myself. Saturday, I had a great lunch with my Mom, and then we went to Walmart, Albertsons, Longs, and Trader Joes – and then I was done. DONE. So – I came home and hid.


Today I slept in, and finally motivated my ass off the sofa and did a couple of errands in SLO. I aimlessly wandered the Michaels trying to come up with some decorating ideas for window boxes with a hook… to no avail, exchanged a Christmas present for another item in the same line at Gottschalks, paid the rent, bought some new peppermint tea, and then came home. It was nice to have one more day of quiet, and relaxation before I jump into the real world tomorrow.


The Simonizer was really pleased to see me when I got home and has spent much of the last 2 days, ON. ME. If I am sitting, he his sitting/laying on me, if I won’t let him – he’s near me, always with in touching distance. The last 2 nights he’s been under the covers next to me, and it’s been nice. He’s only bitten me a couple of times, which is great – AND while I was gone, it doesnt appear he did any “barbering”… aka licking himself to death.


While I was gone, my mom tried to take a New Years photo of him, using the hats she and Art had at their New Years Party. He wasn’t very cooperative, as you can see – but I’m going to try to take a good one in the next couple of days – so we’ll see what happens.




Happy New Year…

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One Response to Back To It…

  1. laura says:

    I love the frog yoga..the picture with his feet over his shoulders especially.. I too can not do yoga. It always looks so easy in my Prevention Magazine, but is quite the contrary when I try it! I loved reading about your adventure and am happy to see you made it home safe and sound.

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