Photo Evidence – The Holidays.

I finally remembered to download so I can upload some photo’s of my Holiday Extravaganza. I ended up not pulling out any of my Holiday Decorations, which kinda sucks – but it just didnt happen, and that’s that. I might pull out my Advent Wreath, and my Nativity Scene for next week – but that’s probably it.


But – I digress – I wanted to post some photos of what I’ve been up to…


Here is my Hapitok Holiday Party Gift – it was kinda funny, because Mouse’s was a big (and much better constructed) tie blanket in blue – and I’m proud to say BOTH were “hot ticket” items. Phew!

pc060190 pc060192


So – with that out of the way – remember the MOUNTAIN of Christmas Presents.. Here’s a couple of shots of them wrapped. I “Carrie Smithed” my wrapping paper, so it all matches. I still have…. 4 things under the table, 2 things to wrap, and 2 bags of stocking stuffers to wrap, and need to buy more – but as far as that goes – I’m in decent shape.

pc070193 pc070194


Finally – Here’s the start of my craft project I did last night. Any ideas what this might turn into…??

pc110202 pc110204

OH – and really Finally!! My Grandmother got a new dog. I took photo’s and Nanny is in a couple of them. She is wearing her “house coat” over her snazzy outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. She always wears the house-coat, and today she put it in the dryer to warm it up because its cold out.

pc110200 pc110201

pc110196 pc110195


Sorry about the glowing eyes – she looks posessed, but really isnt.


I’ll try to post again soon, and I’m going on a roadtrip after Christmas, so be sure to follow my adventures, where ever they take me.

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2 Responses to Photo Evidence – The Holidays.

  1. Serenity Now says:

    wow – all your gifts look fabulous. I’m jealous because I haven’t wrapped a single thing, bah.
    I’m guessing your craft is decoupaged candle holders??

  2. Joanna says:

    Yea for Nana photos…Her dog is beautiful….
    I’m guessing that the craft is decoupaged votives…..

    ps. My totally AR self LOVES the matchy-matchy-wrap 🙂

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