Updated… DONE!! well, almost!

I am sitting in my living room looking at a GIGANTOR pile of Christmas gifts. Huge.


I am nearly done with my list. I have 24 people on my list – I have everything purchased, with the exception of a couple of more things for one member of the family, and stocking stuffers for one set of parents. My brother and I go to dinner and then do the stocking stuffer shopping together, we started last year and agree its a good tradition. Other than those two things – I HAVE COMPLETED MY SHOPPING!!


Now – that doesnt mean I am finished. I still have to:

a) sort

b) wrap
DONE! aaaaaand…. DELIVERED. Dropped Moms at Moms, Dads and Dads, have others staged for the next time I see the person… I only have to wrap 1 more thing, but can’t wrap it until it arrives!

c) make 10 votive candle holders

d) make cookies baked on to a stick

e) stocking stuffer shop and wrap

f) hope and pray that the amazon things arrive when they are supposed to.
ALL here – but one, yay!

g) make my Hapitok gift… its using ALL my skillz. As in. All of them, and some of my mothers.


However, I am so excited to be this far along, this early. I fully intend to wrap on Friday afternoon, with my color coordinated wrapping paper (learned that trick from C.Smith) and take photos of the pile.


Until then, I’m going to sort out a little tonight, and just be relieved its all OUT of my car!!

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3 Responses to Updated… DONE!! well, almost!

  1. Joanna says:

    Whew! I’m not quite that far. I have all the children’s gifts, purchased, wrapped (we won’t go there), and put in the rafters. I still have stocking stuffers, Mother-in-law, Mom, 1 nephew, DBD and RED, and Aubs. I also need to do 7 layouts for the grandma albums, and fnish up 2 baby’s 1st year albums…..

    The scary part is that we leave for ventura on friday so everything needs to be done by then (a mere 7 days)…… Hmph! I was feeling pretty good until I just typed that out……yikes!

  2. kaleena says:

    You are WAY ahead of me. I haven’t even started Christmasing yet. Why the cookies on a stick?

  3. Alison says:

    Cookies on a stick are going in some of my gifts…

    It was either that or gumdrop cookies, but I think – cookies on a stick… peppermint pinwheels…

    Fun – eh?

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