Update: The posts I would like to see…

I am officially declaring the posts on other peoples blogs, that I would like to see. You know who you are.


A. “Good Morning, Lynette.”


B. “Sleepover between the D’s and H’s”
Done – exciting, looked like fun!


C.  “My new opionion about the Olympics and other general updates are…”
Thanks for the update, glad to see you are doign well. Bummer about the EFFING class about the many rings.


D.  The name of the new novel.


E. My name is _________ and I live in Reno. (Really this one could just be a comment)
Clarifed by someone – I get it now.


F. Baby Starfish on the Window
Excellent, funny – I forgot to add that to the first time, I posted. It must be something about the red hair – Mouskers do you agree?


Okay – chop chop, hop to it people. Tip Tap Type away. Thoughts to form, sentence’s to write. I’m waiting.


Oh yeah – and here are new photos… 2 of my new Holiday Wreath and 2 of El Gato Negro in his new favorite sitting spot.

pb270185  pb270183

pb270176   pb270180

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3 Responses to Update: The posts I would like to see…

  1. April says:

    I really just need to download photos and I have not been up for it. I will try to do it tonight or tomorrow. I still never posted about trick or treating at California Adventures (as requested by Joanna) and that was in October. I am behind!!!

  2. April says:

    sleepover post…check

  3. Kelly says:

    Done. Glad I could entertain. =)

    Love the wreath! Ah! El gato negro! He’s looking a little fierce with his ears back! ha.

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