TTT – Thanksgiving Answers

Well, fun.


I have not spent a Thanksgiving in LA before. I lived down there for 9 years, but each time Thanksgiving as rolled around, I came back up to AG to spend it with my family.


The year I lived in Seattle, I did not come down for Thanksgiving. I had been down 3 times between August and October, for some family stuff, and was coming back for Christmas, so I didn’t come back for Thanksgiving. I spent it in Seattle and celebrated by purchasing a crockpot, and making potroast with potatoes and carrots, and going out to see the new Harry Potter movie.


Two years ago, I was in Cabo with the family. We had dinner poolside and had lobster and snapper, and shrimp and it was fun. I ended up at the kids table, so it was entertaining as well.


Phew – one more post, tomorrow and then I will have completed my “post everyday for a month” project… aka. NaBloPoMo…. now lets hope I’ve one a fabulous prize!!

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