F (un) Friday

Today was the Family Thanksgiving with the whole crowd. We had a small group this year only… 22 I think? Part of what we do at Thanksgiving is celebrate the November Birthdays. Anna, Mark and my Dad all have November birthdays, so we eat a ton of food and then there is presents as teh intermission, followed by cake and pie, etc.


This year I couldnt figure out what to get either of them, and while wandering around Walmart had a moment of inspiration for each. I decoupaged a HSM3 photo wall clock for Anna and embellished an apron for Mark. Well… correction, I came up with the plan in my head of what I wanted the embellished apron for Mark to look like, and then had/forced/begged Kelly to help me make it happen. Auntie Netters was great too – she was in charge of the Iron, making sure that it didnt burn anything down. So – thanks much, girls.  Banana loved her clock, and Marky loved the apron – photos are below, I’ll try to narrate a little bit as we go. I also tried to take a new profile photo and I look lame in each one, so – no new photo. sad.

The Clock – before

Finished Product

pb200150  pb200152


pb220161  pb220163


The finished products all wrapped up. I’m a PRO with a gift bag, some sparkely letter stickers, and acrylic jewels!



And here is the reaction shots – I think they liked em, whaddya you think?

 pb230172   pb230174


After the big feast today I went to Walmart to wander it off, and ended up doing some shopping. I got Art done, some of my Mom, and got Simons props for his Holiday Photo Shoot. It should be interesting, I’ll post some outtakes after I take it later this week.

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