Three Things: Thanksgiving

I had a great Thanksgiving today, and really truly enjoyed my time with Joan, Lynnette, Kelly, Andy and Aubs. It was a great afternoon, we did some fun projects, and had a great meal. I spent the morning making pumpkin muffins, but with pecans, not chocolate and…. 1 out of 1 of me LOVED them, yeee haw!! I also spent alot of time enjoying coffee, muffins and relaxing this morning. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of the finished projects – I think they turned out pretty cute!


Today’s Three Things is about Thanksgiving…


Where have I not had Thanksgiving…

A) In Seattle, WA


B) In Los Cabos, Mexico


C) In Los Angeles, CA


No Poll today – just fire away in the comments section!

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3 Responses to Three Things: Thanksgiving

  1. Kelly says:

    Mexico? I think that was a Christmas trip. I could be wrong. hmmmm

  2. kaleena says:

    I’m going with LA. I am betting you have had Thanksgiving in towns around La, but not LA itself. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Serenity Now says:

    I’m going with LA too…glad you had a good day yesterday! Ours was EH…I’m going to redo thanksgiving dinner this weekend…LOL

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