wow – busy day

well – its 11:12 – and I have not missed a day of blogging – close though.


i was waiting for some variety of inspiration to strike and that didnt happen.


what is currently inspiring is my totally clean house and my flannel sheets. i am thrilled about it.


apparently i am against capital letters tonight… wierd?


So here was my day…


5:30 – alarm

5:55 – 7 – pool

7 – 745 – house picking up, shower, coffee making

745 – 12… waiting for it to be 12, some picking up, discussing whether or not jake was going to puke, right along with his wife and daughter. Is got it 4 days ago, lasted 2 days, Rachel got it last night… Jake is so far healthy

12 – lunch/coffee with Kelly/Cousin. Gave her, her christmas gift… FROM LAST CHRISTMAS… it was still appropriate.

2 – drove home to let Alejandra in, then waited for her to do the bedroom, so I could leave again.

3 – dropped off kelly/cousin, got a couple of new shirts/sweaters, and bread (wheat and white TYVM) and some other stuff

415 – sat down for 20 minutes, then got up to change and go to church

5 – got to church, set up, prepped, etc for Ecumenical Serivce

7 – Ecumenical Service

815 – Reception madness

9:30 – left for hom

…. gotin the car at 930, text from Jake.. he started puking at 5. Turkey Day is cancelled. SAD TIMES for them!!


Its 11 now, and my brain is TIRED.


At some point I’ll have to post about Facebook and my new addiction and how I find it fascinating how people score on those brain quizzes…


The end.

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One Response to wow – busy day

  1. Kelly says:

    Whew! You made it! I was getting worried for you!

    I’m game to help with various craft projects today. =) Bring whatever you’d like to work on. In the mean time, we’ll play a mad game of Blokus. ha

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