Sooooooooooooo Slooooooooooooooow

Oh. My. Is it 5 tomorrow yet -OMG.


This week at work almost everyone is gone.


It’s painfully slow.


I did an Arts and Crafts project today during work. It clearly wasn’t work related.


I played games on Facebook… I am not a Genius, I should be Canadian, I have the brain the size of a cat, I am geographically challenged, but I do better than 1 person in the whole mixed up letters (it took me 30 games to do better), making lots of words game. Although, I’m sure he’s currently kicking my ass in it now, and I’ll be the worst at that too.


I have to work tomorrow too. THEN I will be OFF for 4 days – whoop whoop.


I have another Arts and Crafts project to complete. They are both due Friday, and I can’t show pictures until then because its possible a family member who is connected to the people reads this blog and well… secrecy rules. I will say that they are not my normal projects so I’m not quite sure how I feel about it – but the one will be finished tonight, adn the other probably Thursday…. eesh.


I’m going to go find some wet paint to watch dry, or some grass can grow so that my day can have a bit of excitement.


Eh- thats a lie, I’m really going to go go not wash the dishes, and not pick up my house so I can fly around in a PANIC tomorrow trying to do it before Alejandra comes, or do it tonight when I’m half asleep.


Go Team Lancey!

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One Response to Sooooooooooooo Slooooooooooooooow

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh no! You missed a day of blogging! Bad you!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Oh the fun we will have. =)

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