So – I think we all know that I do Water Excercise, as my form of exercise. I go 4 – 5 times a week, for an hour a time. Its 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of Arms, Abs and Legs using a variety of pool tools (water weights, noodles, etc). Recently, one of the morning classes encouraged everyone to purchase and use ankle resistance thingees during the cardio part to increase the resistance and make that section harder. So – I bought the weights, but they really hurt, and didnt close all the way, and so I didnt use them.


Tonight, I pulled them out and put them on and they fit – yay! So I wore them to the pool. This was the result… Fun, eh. GIANT purple bruises on the insde of my ankles. PAINFUL ones. They are actually fading ALOT ALOT, when i took them off at the end of the class they were literally BRIGHT DARK PURPLE… this picture they’ve faded some. Clearly, I won’t be wearing my ankle weights anytime soon. Ouch!

pb1901441   pb190138


Okay – second, of three things tonight. I made Pumpkin Choc. Chip last week and 1 out of 1 of me decided we didnt love them. HOWEVER, I think it was because I’m not really a big fan of chocolate chips in anything other than cookies. SO – I’m going to make them again later this week, only using a cup of pecans instead of the chocolate, and then I think 1 out of 1 of me will love them. Photo below – do they look right?



Finally – I’ve not posted an update on the Simonizer for awhile. He’s been very busy doing all his Cat Chores. It includes peeeing on the bathroom rugs, biting my ankles, chasing flies, and of course keeping his section of the kitchen floor, and bathroom mirrors clean. He’s also managed to pose for a few photos…


pb170135   pb1701371


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