TTT – Answers…

Soooo good guessing folks.


I have NOT gone for a midnight swim in my sleep.


I did in… I don’t even know what city… wake Carrie up freaking out that the reefer was going to back over us. And I literally was pulling my stuff out of the way…


I did, in fact, get off the tourbus at a gas station and declare myself done. The poor driver had to find me TWICE, and the third night started checking to make sure I was there after each stop. In my defense, our bus was rolling at like 2:30 in the morning, so it really did jar my sleep. I will have you know, that minus that one event of crazy things – I was pretty normal for the rest of that season. I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as in my bunk on the bus. I. Loved. It.


And finally, I woke up a couple of months ago in a totally different outfit than what I went to bed in. As I was trying to figure that out I realized that I had shut my bedroom door, my office door, and my bathroom door – but opened EVERY cupboard door. I would blame some of this on the cat – but Simon can’t get to the candle cupboard – no matter how hard he tries, and he was locked into the bedroom.


That is soem but not all of my nighttime adventures. I’ll have to try to remember some of the others, cause there have been many.


Thanks for voting – more fun to come next week!

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