THE movie… SPOILERS and my honest opinion…

I did it. I saw… “THE MOVIE”… that everyone is talking about. While I did not go to the midnight show, I did see it today.


So… what did I think?


I didn’t love it.


I KNOW – what is my problem!! But, to be honest, I didnt love it. I liked it. I was glad I went, but I was was not as blown away, as I thought I would be. So, below are some things I liked and didnt like… And really – generally, in life I’m not a “nit picker” – but some of the things just bugged me… I’m going to start with what I didnt like, so I can end the process on an up-note.


Didnt Like:

1. Edward – ugh. I know – seriously people, I just wasnt thrilled. I didnt love that dude in HP – and I don’t love him here. Especially after I googled a little and found out who the author originally wanted… no comparison. Plus, I don’t think the guy is a great actor – I was a little bothered by how forced it felt.


2. The altering of some plot lines… running to the meadow, killing of the friend, Port Angeles, jumping/flying tree to tree, Edwards TINY bedroom, the car crash…


3. Glittering in the meadow. Listen people, when I read the book I had a very clear vision of what that must look like. The book made me feel like he was PAINFULLY BRIGHT WHITE and SPARKLEY…. like… omg I can’t look at him he’s SUPER DUPER REALLY ALOT SPARKLEY… and… in the movie I felt that it looked like a prop guy sneezed near a glitter can, and some got on Edward and so he was a bit glittery…


4. In the hospital scene… Bellas oxygen tubes. I usually don’t nitpick scene changes, or prop changes, but if your going from a tight shot to a wideshot and the oxygen tubes are featured prominently – AT LEAST HAVE THEM IDENTICAL… it bugged me that in some shots they were litterally over/touching her eyes and in some… no where near her eyes.


5. The Make-Up and Costuming and some of the Casting. I didnt picture Charlie with a mustache… I thought he was going to look… I dont know… different. Ummm… Okay – so Carlisle… looked WEIRD. Especially wierd, given that the very tan Peter Fascinelli plays him… (Jenny Garths husband). I liked the costuming/make up of Rosalie and Alice, and Esme (I had forgotten that looney tunes Ava/Rebecca was in this). Jasper… where are his silvery scars? and… I don tknow – something was just off… and finally… In the book they are pale pale pale pale pale – I dont mean ethnically I just mean, crayon colored white – but they ALL had rosy cheeks, and BELLA was paler. She was super duper pale and for some reason that really bugged me.


6. Her truck – in my head it was shiny cherry red… like shiney. shiney red…. not rusty red.


Okay – enough bitching – what did I like…

1. Emmet… OMG – he cracked me up, some of his background work was funny… waving the knife in the kitchen, for one.


2. Alice decapitating James. I love that the two boys held him down and she ripped his head off.


3. The cinematography – I thought the actual film was beautiful. I loved living in the PNW, and seeing the misty goodness was really nice, and I thought it was gorgeous.


4. “We’re making Italiano for you”… I thought that was a great scene.


5. Jacob – I’m excited to see how this plays out and what he looks like later. You know… later.


6. The final 30 seconds of the movie…


Okay – so I”m pretty even, with the ups and downs – generally speaking I liked it. I’m glad I went. I will go see the next one, probably on the day it comes out -I just wish I LOVED IT… know what I mean??


Sorry if this spoiled you or if you disagree and I’ve damaged yoru feelings and impressions… feel free to comment below!

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2 Responses to THE movie… SPOILERS and my honest opinion…

  1. April says:

    So…I read this for the first time at like 12:30 this morning (after I got home from seeing Twilight for the 2nd time). Then I typed a LONG comment when I woke up, but accidentally hit a wrong button on my keyboard and poof, my comment was gone. Here is an abbreviated version…

    Edward: impossible to find somebody as hot as the book made him sound.

    Plot: Easier to take the changes on round two of movie

    Glitter: Low budget movie…they tried many different things, but that was the best they could do

    Hospital: Didn’t notice…will look for it tomorrow

    Make up: Way too much pancake make up on Carlisle. It was strange looking. Bella was super pale but she is supposed to be. That is how she is described in the book.

    Charlie: Not how I pictured him. Did not bother me on round 2

    Truck: Just as I pictured it…not supposed to be shiny you silly girl.

    Emmet: Funny and sexy

    Alice: AWESOME

    Agree, agree, agree on the rest.

  2. Serenity Now says:

    okay, now I have to see the movie…I just started book 2 by the way. I also have to tell you that I laughed OUT LOUD at the glitter/sun response – that was damn funny…perfect description, especially since I haven’t seen the movie.

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