Answers: The Thing I’ve Not Done…

Well, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get a big round of votes, for the last poll – but, I confess – if you guessed right, it is merely because of a technicality.


On the Big Ride – source of many adventures – we planned to go to Mt. Rushmore and see the 4th of July fireworks, but they were FOGGED IN!! So instead, we went on the 5th of July to see the 4th of July fireworks! So good guessing… Here are some photos and brief recaps.


I have camped at the base of a glacier. On the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride in 2000, we camped at the base of a glacier in August and it was freezing and snowing. I can only find one picture of that event – I slept in the 24-foot truck on the right, it was also my mode of transportation, until I feel off the back of it and gave myself a concussion – good times. That’s Marianne in the photo – I think we were trying to accumulate enough snow to make a snowball – but really, I think we were just hysterical from the cold. It was freaking cold. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. And it was August.



I have spent at least 2 days in the lobby of Tower 2 at the World Trade Center. At the end of the Big Ride, I ended up spending a week in NYC (and lovely Bayonne, NJ) with my friend Rebeckie. She worked at Rizzolli’s Bookstore that was in the basement of Tower 2 and I know 2 days I spent the entire day just hanging out around the plaza. I look back now and am so grateful I took this photo, and spent the time there. In October of 2002, our transport from the Atlanta Walk to the NYC Walk was on our tour bus, I have a very clear memory of getting of the expressway in NYC and driving very close by the site of the WTC, and being absolutelysilent, along with everyone else on my bus about the gaping hole in the skyline. It truly was a beautiful place, and I love the picture of the lobby that I have. I treasure it.

























Finally – on the Big Ride, we spent a few days in Rapid City, SD. I think… I THINK… I actually spent July 4that the Rapid City Airport… its a very nice airport, and it was fun because some of the OKs guys were coming and going, along with some of our crew, so it was a fun day to hang out. I was super bummed that I was going to miss the fireworks and celebration at Mt. Rushmore, resentful even. HOWEVER, when I remember being SO excited that the fireworks were fogged in, and planned for the next day. It was an awesome experience, we had to park at the bottom and walk up the giant hill. I think it was Geoff, and I and Ilan … that I know for sure, because we declared ourselves the “meander’s” and didn’t speed walk… and… there had to be one more person, but I can’t figure out who that would be. In any case, below are some photos of the fireworks, and me at the overlook. Seriously people, I didn’t get a picture of me with the heads behind me – just me and some mountains, but that is in fact Mt. Rushmore.













So – did you guess right?


I love finding pictures that go together and coming up with the random thing I’ve not done – although its a bit challenging sometimes. I really loved my event life, and grabbing these photos is super-fun to relive some of those moments!

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One Response to Answers: The Thing I’ve Not Done…

  1. April says:

    I am behind on blog reading b/c I spent the last couple days in Disneyland (breathing in smoke and ash). I love hearing about your adventures. You have led and interesting life 🙂

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