SS Craft… “Oil Lamps”

pb030126Ah ha! Yet another theme for Sundays – the craft of the week!


This week the gospel was a parable about maidens and a wedding. The abbreviated version is this: A long time ago, there was a wedding. There were 10 bridesmaids, and thier job was to go out onto the road and wait for the groom and bring him to the house where the wedding banquet was happening. The bridegroom was delayed, and they waited for a long time. 5 of the bridesmaids were smart, and 5 were silly. The smart ones brought extra oil, and were prepared to wait along time. The silly bridesmaids ran out of oil, and had to run off to buy more. When the groom finally showed up, the 5 smart bridesmaids were there, and led him to the party. They were welcomed in, and celebrated. When the 5 silly ones showed up later, the master of the hosue said – I don’t know you and shut the door, they werent allowed to come.  The lesson we teach is – always be prepared, we don’t know when He’s coming – so always be prepared.


I always try to think of a craft that ties to the story, so they can remember it and remember the lesson. Sometimes are better than others.


This week we made “oil lamps”. What we actually did was take clear plastic drinking glasses, decoupage (glue) pieces of tissue paper to them, and then when they are dry – stick an electronic tea light in the cup, and voila – oil lamp. It was fun, and VERY messy adn went faster than I planned – so after we were done, we had snack adn played with playdough and played “freeze dance” to the VBS music – which was fun!!


This is my finished one, I made it as a sample, to make sure it actually works.

















Here are the kids – totally gluey, and not yet dry. When they dry, they’ll have the same stained glass look that the one above has. The clear drinking glassesare sitting on upside down styrofoam cups, so that the edges don’t stick to the pan.



The Modge Podge dries clear, and that final goopy coat gives it the stained glass look – so we’ll see. One of the kids, left thiers behind, so I’ll have to take a photo next week.


Thick Plastic drinking cup (small)

Tissue Paper, ripped or cut into smallish or biggish pieces

Glue (Modge Podge or Elmers diluted with water)


Electronic Tea Lights (Dollar Store, Michaels, etc)


Cover a section of the cup with glue, stick tissue paper to it, continue until the whole glass is covered.

Cover the whole glass with a “top coat” of the glue

Let dry

Turn on and drop in the battery powered tea light, and voila – a lantern, of sorts.

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3 Responses to SS Craft… “Oil Lamps”

  1. Kelly says:

    Very cute! It looks like they enjoed getting their hands sticky today!

  2. Joanna says:

    What a cute idea…and it fits so perfectly with today’s lesson.

    I’m SO loving the daily blog…you DO have something to share

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