Not much to say…

I think I have not much to say today!


I do however, think I am going to post the answers to the TTT posts on Saturdays, because that will give me something to post!! I was talking with Kelly this afternoon – saying how HARD it is to think of something to post each day, and she’s working on posting every day for a YEAR!!


With that – here’s what I did today…

– Planned to sleep in, found myself in the living room at 3am… Woke up at 7, and forced myself to go back to sleep until 9.

– Attended the Halcyon Craft Fair with my Mother. She. Owes. Me.

– I had figured out my Sunday School Craft earlier this week, so I went to pick up the supplies that I need for that, and ran some other errands in SLO.

– Hung out at home, watched some BAD television, and made a sample of the Sunday School Craft. .

– Got a phone call from Kelly, Lynnette and Aubs. Kelly and I chatted for a few moments and hten I heard a car pull in and she says “wanna go for a ride”… Aubs wouldnt sleep, so they were going for a drive – so I went along, we had fun, frozen yogurt and then dinner at Joans.


Now I’m home, my SS craft is cute, and is in teh bag with most of the other supplies – I have to gather those up tonight, adn I watched the last 10 minute of Hairspray, and now I’d like to watch the first 2 hours, the cat is parked on me, and all is well.


Check back tomorrow for the picture of my Sunday School project and the other ones…

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2 Responses to Not much to say…

  1. Kelly says:

    “Hey! Where’d they move the car to???” I had fun this evening. Thanks for going for a drive with us.

  2. Serenity Now says:

    oh man, the halcyon craft fair….doily’s and afghans and knick-knacks oh my! you brave, brave girl.
    HOpe you had fun at SS this morning!

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