Answers: Three Things Thursday

Well, that was fun -wasn’t it.


It looks like theres a tie between answer B and answer C.


Which is false?? I did NOT interpret at Deaf/West, although I enjoyed a few productions there, and thought about auditioning/applying – it didnt happen.


I did interpret for Sandra Bernhard(t) on the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride in 2000. She was hysterically funny, and while I don’t remember much about that night – that even is pretty much a blur, I do remember at one point, she was a little pissed at me for being “funnier than she was”. I don’t have any photos of this – sorry! It was a long time ago, and hard to photo yourself while doing the “arm waving”.


Finally – one of my favorite expierences was interpreting the Closing Ceremonies for the GTE Big Ride Across America. I volunteered 8 weeks on this event – camping every night, phenomenal expierences, and interpreted our nightly entertainment each night. We had 2 deaf riders/crew, and it was a great expierence. Originally, I wasnt supposed to do Closing – I wanted to be with the Crew, but there was a malfunction and I ended up doing it. That event was 10 years ago this last summer, which is hard to believe. I am still in contact with a few of those people, and wonder what happened to the others. I have a TON of pictures in boxes from these 8 weeks, but here are some showing my Closing Expierence… The last one isnt of Closing – but dude, check out my hair – I miss it sometimes!!
















And the hair – whoah. It was about…. a week after this that I got a chin length bob – a bad bad look for me.









I really think fondly on all those expierences, and often miss them, and that block of life traveling and doing events!


Congrats to those that guessed correctly! More fun for sure next week!

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