Three Things Thursday

In an effort to prompt myself to blog – I’m going to try out this whole… “different themes for different days” approach. So far I have… Wordy Wednesday, and today is Three Things Thursday. Maybe I’ll come up with a couple of others – maybe not. Maybe Foodie Friday? Who knows.


Three Things Thursday works like this – I’ll share three things about myself, 2 will be true, 1 will be false, and you can guess the false one – sound like fun?? Eh- all 2 of you that comment, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. So with that – here we go:


Three Things… 2 are True, 1 is False…


Most people know that I sign a little bit. Way back when, I signed much better, and much more. I got put into several “fun” interpreting situations. Which of these have I not done.

A. Interpreting on stage facing the Washington Monument in front of a few thousand people.


B. Interpreting during a 60 minute comedy show for Sandra Bernhardt


C. Subbing as a platform interpreter at Deaf/West while living LA at college.


So, thats it. 2 are true, 1 is False – share your thoughts – what do you think…?


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3 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. Joanna says:

    I say the last one if false……
    I LOVE this theme
    (ps. Aubrey’s taking her second nap of the day….woo-hoo!)

  2. Kelly says:

    I hope I guessed right… the last. I like the themes… makes daily blogging easier. Where did you get your poll thingy on the side? I like that!

  3. Serenity Now says:

    why do I have the Jeopardy theme song running through my head now?

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