I voted

I voted today…

Here is the scan of my sticker to prove it…










Tonight is dinner with my Dad – Happy Birthday, Dad. He turns 60.


I’ll try to take photos to blog about that tomorrow.


Vote today – every vote counts!


OH – and I updated my Whiners post with a scan of the Bee. It’s my “throw it together to see if it works… sample” the second one I made, which is partially done, and at church still, is much cuter.


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2 Responses to I voted

  1. Joanna says:

    I have proof over on my blog as well (great minds think alike).
    Phew, is it over yet, though?????

    Enjoy your dinner with your dad 🙂

  2. April says:

    CUTE BEE!!! I voted and spent the night watching it all unfold instead of posting my Halloween pictures. Oh well…

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