As many of you know – my apartment is really a condo, and when the condos were built, they installed radiant heat… in the ceilings. This version of radiant heat is electric coils in the ceiling. So when you want to be warm – you turn them on and the coils heat up and in theory, it heats the room. So – the flaws in this system are – HEAT RISES – and when the coils are in the ceiling, all you are heating is… the ceiling. It’s also a huge fire issue. They are also ridiculously expensive – I mean. REALLY expensive – the first month it was cold, I left the heaters on for most of the time and had a 300 dollar electric bill. I can’t afford that so for the most part, I just leave it be and don’t turn on the heat.


I try not to complain – but my condo is over 4 garages, big cement boxes – so its pretty cold. The garages arent heated, so it keeps the apartment… cold. Cold enough that during the winter, I look like Nanook of the North. Sweats, sweatshirt, hat, gloves, scarf.


My neighbor has the duplicate apartment of mine, with the bad coil heating – only she owns hers (I rent). Last winter, she put in electric heaters. They totally were WONDERFUL, heated up her place and were cheap. She finally shared that info with my owner, and told him I was going to move if he didnt put heaters in, because it was so cold – and he agreed to do it. So – below is the progression of the heaters.


Before you people think that I’m a whiner, I would like you to know that the average temperature of my office in the mornings is 47. degrees. That means some mornings higher,and some mornings much lower. Its really quite ridiculous.


So the heaters…


This is the wall, the boxes, the description – etc.




















Here is Simon making sure that the heaters meet his requirements… 

The next is the series in getting the heaters installed, and then the finished product. More commentary at the end.
















































So – thats the final product above. They are wonderful. I love them. They completely dissconnected the heaters in the ceiling, and re routed the power from there down to the heaters. The one in the mainroom that will heat the living room, dining area, kitchen is a 4K watt heater. The bedroom is a 1500 watt, and the office is 2K watt. Its great, they hvae a little thermostat situation, and I’ve succeeded in staying warm, and totally OVERHEATING my house – which I frankly, never thought would happen.


I’m trying, ahem APRIL, to post pictures, but I am a craptastic photographer, and never remember to take the photos – so when I do remember, they are usually bad. But I will do my best. I also realize that the layout of the photos sucks right now, but I cant figure out how to make it better. It looks goodon teh “preview” but then in the actul post – suck-ola. So – I guess I will figure that out as I continue to post more photos… hmm – I dont know!

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3 Responses to Warmth

  1. Serenity Now says:

    Yay for warmth! I feel ya on the cold house thing…ours has no insulation, plaster walls and wood floors – brrrrrr. Thank GOD someone put in forced air heating, or I would seriously freeze.

    So glad you and Simon are happy and cozy now 🙂

  2. April says:

    Ask and you shall receive…heaters…pictures…etc 🙂 Love the pictures! I am a visual learner so it really helps me out. BTW I like your paint too. Did your apt come like that or did they let you do it? Usually apartments are just plain Jane white.

  3. Kelly says:

    Nice! I can’t believe how easy those were to install! I’m glad it wasn’t a “forever” process!

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