God doesn’t like whiners…

I teach Preschool – 2cndish grade Sunday School these days. Today’s lesson was about the Sermon on the Mount also known as the beatitudes… which the Millenium Development Goals were modeled after. I usually have 4 or 5 kids, sometimes 2, sometimes 8… but usually 4 – 5… we’re small.


So – today, we played with playdough, tried to play Twister, and… well – that failed. But as we were talking about why Twister didnt work, and whatever, two of the boys got really whiney – one was getting teary, and it was a tense moment. One of the little girls whose… 4 but WEARS size 5’s, said – and I quote – “you know what boys! – God doesnt like whiners.” It was totally a moment of her not being snotty, just being factual and letting them know that that was the way it is, so zip it. I laughed so hard I had to sit down adn the 2 boys looked at her and were like… oh. ummm… okay.


bee_allsaints1So that broke the tension and let us talk about what the Sermon on the Mount and what the beatitudes are, and that its what God wants us to “be”, so we talked about all the things God wants us to be… nice to our families, nice to our neigh-doors, feed the hundry, and no hitting. Then we made bee’s so we could remember how God wants us to be… get it… Bee/be… ha ha. They turned out really cute – the pipecleaner annteane were the cutest part, so that was fun.


I just got back from Cost Plus and costcoe with my madre – it was fun. I’m glad to be home with a full refridgerator, a new book since I finished the Twilight books… all 4 of them, started Friday night, finished Thursday night… and needed something new to read.

2 days down, 28 to go – hope I don’t run out of witty commentary!

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2 Responses to God doesn’t like whiners…

  1. April says:

    Where is the picture of the cute bees? I think you are fantastically witty, but if you are going to blog for 30 days in a row a picture to go along with the humor couldn’t hurt…I’m just saying…

  2. Kelly says:

    Funny! I like that! Glad it gave you a good laugh.

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