The Past Year…

September 29, 2008
Some additional wedding photos…

So – by popular demand (April) – I’m posting some of the professional photo’s that I borrowed via snag-it off the professional page. So don’t mind the logo stamped through them all. There are a couple of Nanny – please take note, she had a costume change… apparently required for a wedding, who knew? The rest are just some of my favorites from the wedding, some cute ones of the bride, my cousin, and the groom. My mom took tons of others, but I think I’m done posting the photos – enjoy. I tried to caption them – so we’ll see how that works…

                 The Whole Family                         Katie and Greg signing the UCLA Fight Song                  The Cake

                           Katie and Greg                  Katie and Nanny                        Katie and her Mom – Bobbie

                Don (My dads brother) and Bobbie             Don                                      Nanny

September 25, 2008
I’m blogging to prevent…


Today is World MDG Blogging Day. I’ve not been blogging very often lately, but this is a cause and something thas very important to me. The Millenium Development Goals are a set of 8 Goals that were established and adopted by the UN in 2001. They were adopted by 189 countries with a goal of accomplishing the 8 goals by 2015. The goals and targets are attainable with commitment and minimal financial support. Today marks the halfway point.

Each goal has specific targets. Each goal is achievable if we all work together. Each goal impacts us in ways, we know about and don’t know about. Below are the 8 goals. What are you doing to support the MDG’s? How can you make a difference.

Today I’m blogging to prevent hunger, to prevent child mortality, to combat AIDS, to improve maternal health care, to create a green society, to achieve universal education, to empower women, and to develop a global partnership.

There are so many stories, so many connections to each of these goals for me. I know that some  you know, and some you don’t… but today I am blogging to make a difference.



September 20, 2008…
My Cousins Wedding…

We went to my cousins wedding in LA. It was great. Lots of fun. Very touching. They did alot of cool stuff at thier wedding. Here are a couple of pictures of some of my favorite parts… I’m not so good at the fancy edited photos, or the funny camera angles… so I apologize in advance.

This picture isnt great – but I loved the cut citrus in the big vases. Very cool.

The bride and groom on the left, the bride in her dress on the right.

Finally, this wedding was for my cousin on my dads side, but for a lot of reasons my whole family was invited and attended the wedding… so Mom/Art, Dad/Annette, Jeff/Melissa, Nanny and I… We all went together, sat together, and were at the same reception table – which was fine. At some point during the evening, we ended up with this photo… I think the first photo in many years of my Mom, Dad, Jeff and I – and only us, in a photo… its interesting for me to look at and think about.


September 3 – September 8, 2008
I went to Canada…

Okay – so in order to share the PLETHORA (okay – like 8) photos that I took while I was in Canada, I am updating my blog with the photos. And the story… Here we go…

I headed to Canada to Staff the Weekend to End Cancer, Vancouver. Carrie is super-fancy in that company, and needed a couple extra staff, and voila – off I went. The plan was that I flew up there on Wednesday night, worked my day job in the morning on THursday – worked the event, Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, worked my day job all day Monday – and flew home Monday night… I’ve compiled mosaics that document what I did…

This is the stuff I took with me…

But – you can see some photos of parts of the event by going to the website below. Edwin the staff photographer takes and posts them. He rocks.


July 23, 2008
Happy Birthday – Jeff F.

Okay – so … 2 more days of camp, video done, aca done, outting nearly done, big project after big project done done done.

No time to update- will update more another time. Questioning if I really want a blog – I think the answer is… I dont know. Not much to say. ttyl

July 06, 2008

Well – so much to say, and so very much I wont say.

So – lets recap.

Last Week: 3 day work week – yay! Thanks to John H. Camp was lots of changes, one “heart to heart” – thats my one for the summer, some understanding was reached. Me doing new things, new things not going… as I would have hoped… between the lines, people. between the lines.

Highlite – learning how birds go down stairs.

Lowlite – forgetting that I had cheese and carrots in my car. Trying to remember if I remembered that preivously and threw them away. I think I did. I hope. Gramps – not mine, but feels like mine.

Weekend – Yay 4th of July. Sparklers. Fireworks. Family. Fun. A new version of the family fun – so that was good. Lots of sleep. Lots of Hapitok work.

Upcoming – Camp. Lots of camp stuff. Accreditation in less than 2 weeks.

Current Favorites: Free TV Show downloads, Sleep, etc.

Thats all.

June 26, 2008
Today I…

A. Slipped on gravel and ate shit infront of 8 teenagers. I ripped my pants, twisted my ankle, bruised my leg, pulled a leg muscle.

B. Burned the palm of my hand on the hot lasagna tray, it blsitered.

C. Have a gross arm issue

D. Stubbed my toe

E. All of the above.

I’ll entertain guesses in the comments section.

June 25, 2008
HOLY SH*** That stuffs hot.

Well, I am writing this from my cozy bed at camp. I am nearly ready to go to sleep – but thought I would drop a line. Its been a good couple of days – some stories to tell, but I am going to forget them.

So – as bullets – lets recap the things I have to share…

 — ohhhhh yeah, we dont use these bathrooms. (and the hairdryer)

 — Quiet me. Me nothing. Quiet me  – Staff Bonding.

 — SHIT that stuffs hot.

The last one I will recap here. Mouse and I walked home, and she is pretending to sleep next door. I went to heat up my microwaveable hot device, and apparently it popped in the microwave. As everyoen knows, I have arm issues – and I’m currently having a arm issues, so I was going to hot pack it to try to stave off the inevitable. Well I picked up the thing, and all the goo thats in it came spilling out… and DAMN that stuffs HOT, so I am pretty sure I have burns on my hands, but I am really tired and cant make myself look.

That might be all I have – but all in all its going well.

Theres more, I’m sure but – what can I say – its all I can remember!

June 19, 2008
Veggies this week – and short hair.

Veggies this week: Lettuce, Potatoes, a shitpile of Carrots, Chard, Greens Mix, Onions, Zucchini, Strawberries, Parsley. The divvying process is always fun, this week K took the Greens, and I took the Lettuce. She didnt need strawberries, so I have those, and neither one of us digs the Chard – but her neighbor might. I have 30 carrots in my fridge.

Last night I made “hash and eggs” for dinner, and then used the other 1/2 for breakfast – so I used carrots, potatoes, onions with egg on top. It was gooooooood.

Last Sunday I chopped off my hair. Here are a couple of photos – sorry, they arent great – its hard to photo-size your own head.



Also – its HELLA FREAKING HOT here – so its been entertaining to watch the black shiny cat find a cool spot to chill out. A photo or two of that as well.

Why he thinks that on the desk blocking my phone, and on the desk behind the external hard drive is a good plan, I don’t know. It’s hard to be a jet black cat on 100 degree days.


June 12, 2008

Veggies for this week: Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots, Broccoli, Zucchini, Beets, Onions, Strawberries, Sorrell… K did I miss anything?

June 05, 2008
Veggie Report and OMG my arms hurt.

Todays veggies: Strawberries, Spinach, Lettuce, Sweet Onion, Garlic, Carrots, Broccoli

Barb at the 6AM WEC kicked my ASS, really my arm muscles (hello, did anyone know you use tricepts alot? – well now I did). Tonight was a good one hour, and at 6AM I will be at the pool getting my ass kicked… a. g. a. i. n.

In my purple suit that has a ribbon holding up the over the arm parts.

June 01, 2008
Veggie Questions – answered.

Well, sorry folks – I didnt realize we werent all in the know about the veggies.

So – it goes like this. 2 years ago, I heard about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and started googling around to see if we had one in this area. I found one, asked around and a friend of mine and her family participated in it. They loved it, great quality, great amount, loved everything about it. So I went to register last year – but they were taking a year off, so they could have a year of rejuvination for thier soil (who doesnt need that). So – this year, I waited until the appropriate time and after finding a partner, signed right up.

So here’s how it works. K and I decided to split a “share” of veggies from the Huasna Valley Farm. Each share provides enough vegetables for a family of 4 for a week. Huasna Valley Farm is a local farm that follows organic growing methods. We each pay about 15 bucks a week for 31 weeks (in 3 big installments), and get a share of veggies each week. The farm people drop off coolers at a ladies house – her name is “Karen on L.berry”, and each Thursday, K and I meet at “Karen on L.berry”s house and divvy up the stuff in the cooler.

I also purchased an egg share, so I get a dozen, organic, free range eggs each week – which are DElicious!

So far – here are the vegetables we have gotten in our share:
Romaine Lettuce, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Spinach, Mixed Greens, Asparagus, Broccoli, Carrots, Radishes, Turnips, Oniosn, Garlic, Baby Onions, Sweet Onions, Bok Choi, Swiss Chard, Sorrell, Parsley, Dill, Spearmint… I think thats it.

It’s great, and I love it- and thats why we documented it, as you can read below.

April – let me know if I missed anything or you hav emore question….s

May 29 – Part Duex. The Veggie Expierence.

Okay – so I decided today to document the veggie expierence. It was fun… So here we go…

This is my refridgerator, prior to the veggie expierence. What – I like to be organized.


At the veggie place, I ran into my two friends Sam and Ben. (Mom Cathy is not picture)


Then, these two arrived – clearly, we are all excited about veggies!



The first thing to do is; pick a cooler, look and see what’s in it, and spread out our loot.
We divide everything in half for the most part.


Sometimes things need to be cut in half, so we bring a knife. And extra bags to divide things in.


Oh yeah – I get eggs each week.


Adam was a little worried that things didnt turn out even.  But – we explained that, sometimes, we don’t divide everything 50/50. This week, K didnt need strawberries, and I didn’t need snap peas, so I took all the berries (1 basket) and she took the peas (equivilent amount)


Then – everything comes home, and gets spread out on the counter. Everything gets cleaned and put
in a one of these and no I’m serious, they are from the infomercial.
The tops and dead parts of things go in my Garbage Bowl – thanks Rachael Ray.


Finally – everything, goes back into the fridge. Below I’ve done a before, and an after – can you tell a difference?


Before is on the left, and Now is on the right. You can’t see the nicely lined up cottage cheese, yogurt, jello and pudding in the after – but you get the idea.

SO that in a nutshell is the veggie expierence, people. I love it – I am so stocked with veggies, it’s crazy. Tonight I was craving pizza and french fries – so I had a carrot.
Clearly, somethings wrong with me. So I had fro-yo (I hate that word) for dinner.

I’m new to this blog with pictures thing – its an EFFORT!! 

May 29, 2008

Allright, I’ve been tagged -thanks K. I’ve been avoiding this game of tag for months – so here we go…

What I was doing 10 years ago today:
10 Years ago today – I was preparing to leave to go camping for 9 weeks. I was freaking out about my final semester grades in college, trying to convince my mother that camping for 9 weeks wasnt insane, and getting all the stuff I needed to get. I had hair down to the top of my belt buckle and… was 20. Oh so young.


Five things on my to-do list today:

1. Update LDR Reports

2. Unsticky the ACA binder

3. Print/Prep for the HPC tonight

4. Laundry (not going to happen)

5. Meet K at 4pm for Veggies with the camera


Five snacks that I enjoy:

I dont really snack… lame. I know.


Five things I’d do if I was a millionaire:

1. Buy a House

2. Fund my college education

3. Donate to AIDS/HIV Research and Services to find a cure

4. Go on a fun/long – BP style vacation

5. I dont know?



Five places I’ve lived (in order):

1. Grover Beach

2. LA – Burbank

3. Seattle

4. LA – Northridge/Reseda

5. Arroyo Grande


I Tag:

1. Laura

2. Kelly

3. Joanna

4. April

5. Kaleena

Sorry girls – I realized you’ve all been tagged but I’m out of names….. tee hee? 

May 25, 2008
Weekend Recap

Saturday – Long day in the Library
– Woke up at 9
– Arrived at the AG Library at 11
– Did not go to the pool with JoJo, P and A
– Left the library at 4:30 – got lots done. LOTS.
– Hung out at Moms with Mom, Art, and the Blackies. Played Texas hold em… note… when steve says… “whaddya have” after you’ve said “I’m al lin” he is not asking you to show yoru cards. (a lesson his wife learned). Comedy. It was great – I have a good bluff, but went out first. Stayed in with pocket 9s and, went out because art had a flush. damn.

Sunday – Long day
– Church at 7:30
– Parked myself at Starbucks at 10
– Left Starbucks at 2:30 – got everything finished that I felt like I needed to that required computer work .
– Lunch/Breakfast at 3 at Fins… we call it the “pirates of the caribbean” restaurant
– came home fell asleep at 4 on the sofa, woke up at 7 – yay for that.
– Coffee with Kelly, JoJo and Lynnette
– headed back to bed again soon

– per annettes email, sent from my dads account… “dinner at noon, at my mothers”… translation “lunch at lauras”. apparently we are going to eat hot dogs and play lasso tag – souds scary.
– going to the pool (are they open) at 6:30
-sleepign in
– probably some other stuff

Thats all people – ttyl.

May 23, 2008
My Latest Project

Well, as you know, I really like making message boards. Its an easy craft for me, that doesn’t take alot of fine motor skills, and I’ve made enough of them that they turn out pretty decent. So I had decided to make one for K and Hubs and Adam to match his nursery… Remember these photos from her blog

So I ended up in Morro Bay a few weeks back, and went in to the Cotton Ball where I knew that they had gotten the fabric from. (Did I share this already – I can’t remember?) So I spent a few minutes wandering around the store looking for the fabric – couldnt find it. I originally wanted the really thin muted stripe to make the board with, but I couldnt find it. The lady came over and asked what I was looking for. I explaiened – she knew exactly who I was shopping for, described K and her SIL, and recapped the whole story – and then was like – oh I have 1 yard of each of these fabrics (not the one I originally wanted – OF course) in my car – I’ll be right back.

So off she went, leaving me to stand in the middle of the room, hoping not to knock anything over – and she came back with the crazy stripe, and the big floral pattern.

So anyways – I blew my “suprise” with K and asked which she’d prefer, she told me, and I went to work. I had a hard time finding ribbon that worked because nothing seemed “right”. I also was having button issues. BUTTON. ISSUES. JoJo said “oh you should do fabric buttons” and so I bought button covers to make 37 buttons, and let me tell you I am bad at that, so found other buttons.

Long story short – here is the finished product. I like it. K liked it. All is good.

Next week I plan on photo-documenting our veggie expierence. We’ll see if I remember.


May 18, 2008

Long weekend, good but long.

Friday- errand running, inviting myself to KAA’s, enjouing that.

Saturday – all day, 30 teenagers, 7 staff, nuff said. It was fun.

Sunday – church, breakfast, michaels, home, mom, dads, home, dinner at home coffee with kelly.

Highlites: MOUSE! Yay! Glad I got to spend LOTS o time with her, yay Mouse! Kelly! Yay for 1:1 time, I needed that, thanks for coming all the way up here! Ranger the catahoula hound dog – I want one.  I intend to borrow him.

Lowlites: Eh – not worth repeating, I’m sure it will be fine, or I will cover well.

General thoughts – I need to remember to stay connected, and present to the moment. When I feel disconnected, I need to fix it – take steps, make choices, take action. So I’m working on that. I feel like lots of things are changing, and Im staying the same/doing the same/ – and thats interesting to expierence. The normal coping strategy isnt an option, so… I need to work on working through it, identifying what/why/how and figure out the changes I can make to change with the change.

Fun for me.

I think thats it, I’m tired now.

May 12, 2008
Mothers Day and Computers.

Argh. So – I finally on Friday was able to install/have Ben from Bens computer install my new harddrive and spent the rest of the day restoring, reinstalling, reimagin, re- etc’ing my work computer. I am almost 100% back up and running – but goooooood lord its a long process.

So enough about that – Sunday was Mothers Day, and in what has proved to be our yearly tradition, I cooked dinner for my Mom, and Art and Jeff were there too – and then after dinner and dessert, they left, and my Mom and I watched the season finale of Survivor!

It was a fun night – and the dinner turned out pretty well I think. I took some pictures, but forgot to get a picture of the whole buffet! Bad! I did however get a picture of the “cupcake tower” that I had made. So – here’s what was on the menu, and pictures are below.

Dinner: Pork Roast (rubbed with brown sugar, salt, pepper, and a little bit of thyme and garlic), roasted asparagus with garlic and onions, pumpkin polenta with carmelized fennel and sweet onions, green salad with grated turnips, radish, carrots and tomatoes, avacado, blue cheese with my lemon garlic dressing (That was my brothers request). Did I mention that I love to cook. These are all things I make regularily – so sounds fancy, but really very easy. Most of it goes in the oven, the only thing that took stove time was the polenta and the onions and fennel – and those just sit in a skillet for like… 40 minutes or something – easy and tasty.

Dessert was a cupcake tower of chocolate cupcakes, frosted with homemade buttercream, with red, white and chocolate sprinkles.

If anyone has been to my house, I have interesting colored walls – kinda a… yellow, khaki, butternut situation, so most of my “accent colors” are bolder/darker burgundy, blue, purple, etc.

So here are some of the photos of the day – Simon helped by not getting ON the table for the most part, only sitting in the chairs at various points in the evening. I have a chair issue – I only have 2, and one foloding chair – so when it was time to actually eat, I wheeled out my office chair and Mom got to sit in that… we called it her throne.

I have these dishes in many colors, along with alot of the serving pieces, pasta bowls, coffee mugs, coffee giant mugs, etc. etc. Sometimes I mix and match colors of napkins, and plates, etc – but last night I went with complete sets. I only use cloth napkins (me being “green”) so I have many different colors of those as well.


Simon was helping by sitting on the various chairs, demonstarting seating arrangements. He didnt get ON the table until dinner was over, and we were all in the living room. Darn Cat.


So this is the cupcake tower – thanks to Kirsten for suggesting that! I know you can’t see the whole island, but basically, I moved my fruit/veggie bowl to a different location, and put the cupcakes in place of it, and then when the hot food came out it went into 3 serving pieces, and then onto the island – so it was buffet style.

I think that’s about it – there’s more to tell, but not here, so I’m sure you’ll get the story later.

Also – at 4 when I realized I didnt actually have polenta, I ran to the store to get some and ran into Joannas hubby J. I seem to run into them on Sundays. We had a nice chat and wander around the store. His method is to wander aimlessly up and down every aisle with the list while listening to his ipod and zoning out. My method is go directly to the items I want and get the HECK out. I forced him into my method since we were both feeling chatty – which basically means he pushed his cart to my items, which were not on his list. Fun for all. He was however, following the list VERY precisely, and I swear I didnt see Fat Free Tortillas either, and the sauce options at that store are crazy. He gave me the “boy” version of Mothers Day – so it was fun to flip over and read Joannas blog version. It was nice to run into someone I know – one of the benefits of a small town. I was a bit scattered, and I am pretty sure I wandered off into the distance with out actually saying “see ya later, or good bye” – soooo sorry about that.

I think thats all for now.

May 07, 2008
I got nothing…

Seriously people – I really dont have anything. I’m channeling my inner Ross Mathews with – seriously, I got nothin.

Ummm – well, lets see – I’m typing this on my new computer – so that’s something. I still don’t have all the software I need for it, but I will get that in the next 10 days. I installed video software, so I am all about making videos now. However, itunes music doesnt work – WHAT! So I don’t really know how to get around that, but I will figure it out.

And other than that – nothing. I’m watching Top Chef – trying to draw inspiration for cooking MDay dinner on Sunday. Maybe the veggies on Thursday (which is 2MORO – not 2Day… )will inspire me. Right now, I’m thinking about Lemon Stir Fry… with… bread? Although I have a great pumpkin polenta I’ve been wanting to make. Pumpkin Polenta with sauted sweet onions and fennel. It’s delicious -but sooooo does not match with Lemon Stir Fry. Now before you all (all 2 of you) have a moment -you should remember that I really enjoy cooking, and I only make things I’ve made at least once before. So – both items while fancy in name, are super easy and pretty tasty. So, I don’t know. It will either be Lemon Stir Fry with bread, or… something else with polenta, and bread. I need to figure out dessert as well. Last year, I did Strawberry Shortcake – and the year beofre I made a pie – so I need to do something different… suggestions, thoughts?

And finally – thanks for all the comments on the cake challenges. They are my favorite. I agree that Kerriann and her wierd headband need to GO. I think I’m making a cake for the St. Barnabas Day Celebration at church next month. We have a big bbq, and a cake walk, and I think we’re going to have facepainting, and maybe a couple of other little games set up, maybe a bounce house. So last year, I made a white cake with lemon and raspberry filling, covered in polka-dots. It was cute. I think this year I want to make some variety of cake with some sort of filling, and try covering it in fondant, and then decorating it that way…. makes me NERVOUS though. So – we’ll see. I’m going to watch many cake challenges between now and then to figure it out.

Ummm… is that it? I feel like if I take a deep breath, my fingers will do the talking, and who knows what will come out. I feel like I have nothing to say… and a whole lot of ramble ramble ramble. Top Chef is on – I would like Andrew, Dale, Lisa, Spike to go home. Basically the entire team. Every one of them – good bye! and apparently the drunk kid gets sent to rehab on TRW20. Yay for him.

K – really, I should stop now.

May 03, 2008
Happy Birthday, Carrie!

Well – what a day. Today – btw – is Carries bday, so Happy Birthday Carrie! She reads the blog occasionly, but NEVER comments!

So – the past few days have been good. Today was a really nice day. I slept in until like… 10, hung out finished my book – served lunch at the Peoples Kitchen, which is always a good expierence. The last two people we served were young, and sorta – lost looking, with really really really tiny pupils, and clearly they were in thier own world. I kept thinking that the girl looked familiar and I just realized from where… those Hapitokers that did TT last year will remember a special situation that happened… remember? ? So – it was one of those two girls.. I can’t remember which one it was, but – it was sad to see her, and see where she is now a year later. Sobering.

So, after that I stopped at Big Bucks and got an iced coffee and read my book for a while, came home, read some more, talked to Kelly on the phone for a while – and FELL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH!! Yay – what fun! I woke up with the cat on me, sleeping and couldnt figure out how long I’d been sleeping. It was so nice! So then I made dinner, and ate it and have just been chillin out -nothing happening, no where to go, nothing to do – just… doing. nothing.

Tomorrow is another quiet day – I have church in the morning, and then have to do some stuff in SLO and then meeting some people for dinner. I’ve been watchign the food network today, and they’ve had lots of cake challenges on. I always think I could do that. I mean – in my head, I think that I can roll the fondant, and put it on the cake all pretty and make things out of gumpaste and put them on there, and voila – perfect cake. However, in my head and what my fine motor skills allow me to do are vastly different. I have an upcoming cake adventure in about a month – so that will be interesting. I might play with fondant just for fun. Also – I have to cook Mothers Day dinner on Mothers Day…. and I have no idea what I want to make… my mother has no requests… soooo I’m going to have to figure that out. I also need to figure out how to make my table seat 6. It has 4 small sides…. I think I have a solution – but again its the execution. that. is. the. problem. I want to get a table round… like out of 1 inch plywood thats a 4foot radius circle, that will sit on top of my table – this will make the whole table big enough that I can seat alot more. Trouble is – I don’t have 1 inch ply, or a device that cuts it, or… frankly, the skills to do such a thing.

Oh well – I’ll figure it out.

April 28, 2008

So – I knew Ann and William were coming to visit this afternoon, she had told me she was going to drop off books and “stuff”. Yay for books. Well – when she arrives, what do I see in her arms – but the following… one of the BEST suprises ever!!

She gave me…. THIS:

So the long story short version of this is that – Ann made me a “Flower Power” shaggy quilt! It’s HUGE and I LOVE IT!! I was at her house a while back… I think on the day of her moms funeral, and we were hiding in her sewing attic and she had been working on this shaggy quilt and had pieces of it around the attic and was showing it to those of us up there. (I LOVED IT!!) It just is so kooky and wacky – so she had talked about how she was just making it as a project, and I guess saw my reaction? and decided she was making it FOR ME!! I had NO idea, and today she showed up with it! So, clearly, I love it. I have tons more photos of it below, but I was so touched – cause its soooo fun, and the craftmanship is amazing, adn she put a special message in the back – so check out my photos below – note that the cat is enjoying it as well. I can’t wait to have it brighten up different rooms! It’s currently on my office futon – but spent the evening in the living room with me. She says when I wash it it will fray around the center of the flowers, so it will get more and more different every time! I truly know this will be a family heirloom!

A far away and a close up of the stripes

The thick border, and the thin border, and a flower close up.
I wish the quilting showed more on this flower, its green quilting, in the shape of a flower


The back is polka-dotted flannel, and on the right is the special note sewn in.


Simon enjoying the quilt. He thinks it belongs to him. Ummm… nice try, cat.

 So – YAY for this. I had a good start to last week work wise, a very good start and a great start to the week today with this great suprise. Now if I can catch the Fed Ex man/woman tomorrow morning, I can have a fun night playing with my new toy – so with that… I’m going to bed!


April 25 – 27, 2008
Under the weather is an understatement…


Sinus Infection.

This weekend – bad. A trip to Rite Aid nearly did me in.

Today is better.

Cough sounds like… an 80 year old smoker or a car trying to turn over.

Some new and exciting to report, but it will have to wait another day, and some isnt blog friendly.

Going away now.

April 20, 2008

Well thanks NF for sharing that its been 9 days since I posted. I’ve been a TAD FREAKING BUSY with TIGR Training, and work and a few other things this last week… so I will share the highlites.

1. Sleepwalking – still doing it. Been giving tours of my apt. Last week Wednesday? I woke up in a different set of pajamas that I had gone to bed in, with my office, bathroom and bedroom door closed. Poor Simon was locked in the office. However, all my kitchen cabinets were open.

2. TIGR Training – was great this weekend. Mouse and I had a fabulous time on our “world tour”. We were not able to go to I-RAN… becuase its not safe… safety first. Morraco (not Morraca – cue the funny dance) was fun, they have lions, and tigrs and OH MY!… oh what – not bears??? I dun did enjoyed snorkeling IN the water in the “SOUTH – HAT – LANTIC O-SEEN”. And finally – who doesnt love newspaper hats. (I FORGOT to wear mine into dinner tonight with KAAL – soooo next time!)

2 and a half…. I verified the sign for enviornment and recycle tonight. We were each right once, Mouse!

3. I am tired from TT – but not EXHAUSTED like I was last year, or the year before which is nice.

4. Vegetable Share starts this week – so that should be fun. Did you know when you make babaganoush you are supposed to use the seeds…?

5. I got nothin else. Super glad Mouse is going to be at camp this summer. Super will miss BBee.

April 11, 2008

So – FYI – I sleep walk…. and talk… and yell… and do wacky things in my sleep. This week has been awful, I have been SO busy in my sleep. I woke up Mon and Tues night giving people a tour of my apartment. As in – here is the bedroom, and this is the cat… complete with Price is Right models arms…. Wednesday night I went to bed in my warm pajamas, and in my bed, and woke up at like 6 am on the sofa, in different pajamas, with my fleece blanket that had prevously been in a closet. This morning I woke up and found that while I was still in bed, an dmy original sleepwear, I had put everything on my nightside table away. However, I must not have been too active, cause Simon was asleep on the bed and on really bad nights – he moves to somewhere else to sleep.

Aargh – its really frustrating, becaues I am tired and I cant help it, and the talking is just as bad. I would like to not have this habit anymore. As Carrie knows from hotel sharing, you never know what your going to get from me in the wee hours of the morning – I think her favorite, or at least the most humorous is the time I was convinced the refridgerated truck was going to back over her, and so I was yelling at her to get up and I was moving our stuff and basically freaking out about the trucks backing over us… she nicely (as I recall) pointed out that we were on the 39th floor of a hotel an dshe was fairly certain the truck couldnt reach us. Poor Carrie – months and months of hotel mates and the nighttime antics, tourbus antics too (getting off the bus a few times, randomly getting up and trying to do things, wandering unsafe parking lots in just my barefeet) – ohhhh the memories.

So wish me luck that I don’t get out of my apartment and wander aimlessly with the catin the middle of he night, or if you see me wandering aroudn in the middle of the night – follow me home… thanks.

April 10, 2008
I think this should cover it….

Dear IBFC Board President,
I think these photos should cover the requirements you outlined previously.


 I look forward to the confirmation of my status in IBFC, as well as recieving my membership benefits packet.



April 08, 2008
I don’t see a problem…

Dear IFBC Board President,
I don’t see the problem. The kid always has a bow on when I see her.

A non IFBC Board Member


Also – here are pictures of my recent adventure into horticulture. I’ll take new photos in a couple weeks after everything has died, because lets face it people – it will!


                              Multi Colored Sage                    Peppermint                         The Whole Garden
So – to recap – I have 1 multi colored sage,  1 basil, and 8 peppermint plants growing on my railing. They’ve made it 2 days, which is a full day longer than the last round.

April 06, 2008

… it’s been a week. But I would like to point out that its been 6 days is LESS than a week – ha! This has been a crazy week with lots of stuff. Today was a fun day – I had church during the day, had lunch with a friend and then went to the U2Charist happening at our churhc tonight. It was GREAT – I loved it!! The service was basically an Episcopal Church Service, all the normal elements, but focused on the Millenium Development Goals, and backed by music from U2. We had the following songs… Pride, Walk On, Beautfiul Day, One… and a few others. It was SOOOOOOOO great, very powerful, and really a great expierence.

This afternoon after church I stopped by Miners and picked up some stuff to plant in my pots. Now, keep in mind – I kill everything. I cant grow anything. But, every year, I purchase herbs, and I plant them in in a few weeks they will die, and a few weeks after that I’ll try again. So this year I planted – sage, basil, and a ton of mint – so we’ll see what happens. I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Thats about it!

April 01, 2008
Happy Birthday, Simon!

Today is Simon’s 8th birthday – just to remind you what he looks like… heres a photo…


March 28, 2008
Also –
I discovered this
Music Thing this afternoon, I can’t wait to see what your answers are. Click Here to read my answers and play along!
Simon has discovered….

The top of my computer monitor – again. Enjoy. He hung out on it for a couple of hours – it adds a fun element to “work from home”. Anyone care to join me in a “count how many times you fling your cat” competition?



March 24, 2008
I am alive.
Easter was okay. Lots of church (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil – Saturday, Easter Sunday services). Family fun with the extended Dad family on Saturday. Nothing on Sunday – then nevermind just kidding, Easter dinner at Anns on Sunday – thanks for including me!

Highlites – well unfortunately I can not provide highlites from Family Fun in the blog as they are socially inappropriate, but lets just say – wow. My Easter Church activities were great. I made an ark out of painted cardboard – and that was super cute! Easy too. We made skeletons out of tube socks and put them on water glasses – good job I. you rock with gory skeletons. The kids knew thier parts – the little kids did a great job being “pairs of animals” – all in all good!


Lowlights – I am done with Nanny. She is mean and nasty, and I am done with her. She really really hurt my feelings and I am finished now. My mom sent me the flowers below to make me feel better today – I love them!


 Sidenote – I got my toes done on Friday – they are turquoise, and very cute.  Also – below are my NEW trashcans, arent they PRETTY!!

March 18, 2008
Part 2 – No Photo.
No Photo – sorry “hmph!”…. However, I will give you the 2 sentance version of dinner tonight. We had quiet possible the prettiest waiter ever – a boy named Michael at Applebees tonight. And by the end of the night he delivered our dessert in the following fashion “Nanny – heres your mousse, Dennis – heres your Sundae, and one for Blondie, and Alison – one for you. I see your low on coffee Alison – woudl you like a refill… or perhaps something from the bar to put in it…”

It was a fun night. We ended it by fighting in the parking lot about whether after a large glass of wine, and a giant margarita – if Nanny could drive herself home (she refused assitance) followed by my Dad running after Blondie driving the truck out of the parking lot.

And that was just how the dinner ended.

Anyone want to go back to ABees tomorrow night and sit in Michaels section… and stare at him. According to Blondie he was “looking” at me. I tried to explain that OF COURSE HE WAS – when I was doing things like PLACING MY ORDER or ASKING A QUESTION… whatever – he’s a nice guy who smells good, and is PRETTY!

The long version tomorrow – I promise!
Part 1 – Trashcans
Well – yay!! I called the city yesterday and talked with the trash people. I explained that I was having issues with my trashcan because it smelled terrible. She nicely pointed out that trash cans don’t generally smell good, and I said – no, I knew that, but really mine smells like vomit. She agreed that was not normal, so she arranged for a new trashcan to be swapped out today – yay! I also got a new recycle can, since the hang-el (handle) on my recycle can was broken. So I went out to leave for lunch and VOILA!! New Trashcans – I am soooo excited. I even looked inside it, and its all clean and pretty. AND -the best part is that the trash people put my house number on it, which is VERY exciting! That means, I don’t have to have a discussion aabo it with anyonee…. that story is for another time. I’m so excited I might take a photo of it.

I am going to dinner tonight with Dad, Annette, and Nanny – I’ll try to come up with a reason to take a photo. And tell the story of the matching outfits… zebra, anyone??


March 16, 2008
Long weekend – lots of things jamemd into it, including church, a funeral for one of my favorites, more church and a trip to Santa Barbara – to… drumroll please… Gymboree! I took my Mom to Gymboree to purchase Easter outfits for 2 little girls shes Grandma to – they don’t have Grandma’s, so my mom IS the Grandma. She wanted to buy them Easter Outfits and but needed help so that she could get them things that were cute and trendy – she doesnt have such a good eye for that. She wanted to go to Carters and I was like ummm… no. So I showed her the Gymbo website and that was it – in the car we went, and off to Gymboreeeeeee! We broke all the rules, and didnt save a single dollar – but bought these two outfits for the girls… they are 1 and 3, and I think they will like these outfits. I made her not buy the “cute check” – hello red checkered table cloth…. outfits…

Pleated Poppy Flower Dress                                                            Pintucked Poppy Flower Dress
This is for the 3 year old.                                                                       This is for the 1 year old.

SO – thoughts? Do you think they’ll like them? We got matching hair BOWS and socks too. On the way back we stopped at Michaels and ran into Kelly, Andy and Aubrey!! Aubrey was wide awake and chillin out, and I even made her smile while I was being silly! My mom had decided to pass off her Gymbuck to Kelly – so we went out to the car to get it, and get a second opinion on the dresses – so that was fun. So random to run into them, I was just thinking about how I hadnt seen them in a while!!

Now I’m home and just woke up and am making bbq chicken, and bbq peaches, and veggies for dinner. I’m also cleaning out my fridge. Sidenote – my trashcan, the city provided one smells like VOMIT – and I want to get a new one – is that possible? Does anyone know??

k – TTYL

March 12, 2008
In LA – loving it, missing it, and answers
Answers to the TV – more on LA tomorrow….

1.  October Road
2. Biggest Loser
3. John and Kate Plus 8
4. Making the Band 4
5. Randy Jackson presents: Americas Best Dance Crew
6. Bachelor – Where are they now
8. Project Runway, ANTM – anything that uses that word.
9. Make me a Supermodel
10. Top Chef – Woop.

Well – LA was good, I had a nice drive down here, which was good. We had dinner at Bossa Nova and that’s Brazilian food, and then we had PinkBerry for dessert. PinkBerry is intersting – not my favorite. I tried…. I might try again.

Okay – thats all, and I found Simons Secret Spot – so I’ll have to take a picture of him in it an dpost it, I found it this morning and was so suprised, I didnt phototize it.

Thats all for now – more later.

March 11, 2008
So I love TV – specifically anything that falls into the category of “bad tv” – so reality shows, stuff that doesnt use the brain… here are my comments about what I’ve been watching the last few nights – how many shows can you figure out?

  1. DAMN JANET – What were you thinking – the big girl gets the gorgeous guy and then she screws up – c’mon…thats not how it goes
  2. Seriously – you ended the episdoe with out a voting out? Thats crap.
  3. Puke. Ew….why show it on National TV – Puke x 6… grosssss!
  4. You would think that some of those boys would be able to sing – but apparently, not a requirement.
  5. I liked Thriller week.
  6. How come we didnt learn whats up with the fisherman who was beaten up by his lady?
  7. Foul. Foul. Foul people. Gross disgusting, foul people. I can’t belive I watch you.
  8. We, as a nation, need to retire the word Fierce.
  9. I hope Ben goes away.
  10. Top Chef – woop.

Did I miss anything?

March 10, 2008
Whose who in the F___ Family.
So it has come to light that there are alot of abbreviations in my family – so I thought I would write them out.
Mom – Mom is always/only Mom
Mom is married to Art.
Together Mom and Art are… Mom and Art
Dad – Dad/Dennis
Annette – Dad is married to Annette, who is also known as Blondie
Together Dad and Annette make Dennette or Annis – depending on if they are being nice and polite, or causing trouble.
Jeff – aka Jeffers, Jeffy, The brother

Also mentioned infrequently – Mark and Kim (M&K) and thier kids – A and Kate, Gina and Joe (G&J)  and there kids E. and Is.

Then theres Nanny – whose…. Nanny, My Nanny, Nannarooni, Your mother, my grandmother etc

I think thats it – theres the friends who get mentioned – but you pretty much know who you are.

March 09, 2008
The Bullet Points
“Someone” made a comment on Friday about people that need to speak in bullet points, and today between as much as there is to say, and as tired I am – I’m choosing that philosopy – so below are the bullet points.


  • Long Lunch with K. at Applebees – took home a list to tell the other K to do. Other K complied with all.
  • Long Dinner (4 hours) with J and K/M – it was FUN and great to get to spend time with them.
  • Bought new jeans – washed said jeans at Moms. CHEMICAL smell still there – ick. Jeans are currently on my deck airing out.
  • Gave J. the “life history” – I realized its a random set of events that really dont make much sense tied together. Relived some college times… and realized some stuff – so good times.


  • TIGR Intro – super fun! Lots of kids. I totally cried in my car when I realized Bbee wasnt going to be there. Denial anyone? So I am going to do my best not to cry the next time I go to camp, but I really did cry Saturday morning.
  • TIGR Intro – many stories, TG that Mouse was there. Really. BTW – Mouse when you read this, I’ve secured you a place to sleep this summer – e-me for det’s
  • Fell asleep on the sofa – TIRED that night.
  • Carrie is stuck in Montreal – she called from her seat on the floor of the airport. She’d found a plug and wasnt moving. They were passing out pillows and blankets and she had beef jerky. AIDSRIde evacuation anyone? I felt like I should drink gatorade and not sleep in support.


  • Cathleen died – my grandmothers sister. One of my favorite people on the planet. Sad, but we knew it was coming.
  • Lots of Church – I can now make palm crosses – go me.
  • Had dessert and time with my Dad and Blondie tonight – it was good. Man – our family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional. He cried, I got teary – I do not look forward to the next couple of years.


  • Vegetable Share with K. and her Hubs – should be fun. ( I anticipate a post later that says “HOLY VEGETABLES BATMAN”
  • Coffee with K on Thursday night – big fun!
  • My bullett points need bullet points – sorry “someone” I tried.
  • The chef on IC:America tonight is an ass – I hope he loses.
  • The people on BBrother are DIRTIES – especially on BBAD – even Blondie agreed.

The. End.

March 04, 2008
Some Photos

I don’t really have much to say – but, I did want to post pictures of the wrapped gift I took to K’s baby shower. Not beause it was overly remarkable at all, but because I was pleased that I found a blue baby bath and a bunch of corrsponding blue and green bath things, and then even more corresponding tissue paper, and stuff, and serioulsy people – its a lot of tissue paper in there, but I was pleased that it came out looking cute-ish, so hence the posting. Also – I posted “A day in the life of Simon” photos – so enjoy those on his blog!

March 01, 2008
The overuse of the F word on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2

Okay listen people. I had a great time at Kirstens shower. She cried once –  which was very sweet, and they got a shitpile of stuff. I met Amanda, and reconnected with Angella, and gave her lovely Hubster a ration of crap. His outfit for the baby shower – camo shorts, WHITE sneakers, socks, and a tshirt with a blackline of a tuxedo on it. He at least had a matching hat on… but I digress.

I’m currently sitting on my sofa hotpacking my arm – which is in phase two of the process. For those have seen it – let’s just say its not… ummm puffy anymore… which phew and GROSS all at the same time. So I am sitting her on the sofa taking care of the arm and hotpacking it, and… well doing other things with the arm – and theres NOTHING on TV but BBrother after dark on showtime. OMG – these people are making me crazy.

My favorite word is the F word. I love it. It works as a noun, a verb, an adjective – it’s my favorite. However, I think that the people on BB are OVERUSING my word. They are not appreciating the good use of the word, and are using it as often as one uses “the” or “it” or “a” and let me tell you – I’m bothered by it. I think it should have good reason to be used, and only used with appropriate – to maintain the integrity of the word. Those effing dumbasses. Eff Them.

Toodle-Loo to you – I really want to go to bed, but I think I’m still having arm issues.

February 29, 2008
Madame Random

Well folks, its me – Madame Random, coming to you with a few not really connected random thoughts about things.

First – I’ve decided I enjoyed “No Country for Old Men”. I think it was excellent, and I want to get the book so that I can read it and compare.

Second – I just finished wrapping the gift for K’s baby shower tomorrow, and I love the way it looks. Simon loved it too – so much that I found him (a) in it (b) licking it (c) pawing it (d) all of the above. Yes you are right – all of the above. So – I’ve now moved it to the car, in all its wrapped glory, to hang out there for the evening. I took a picture of it and will post tomorrow, after the shower. I just think it turned out cute – so we’ll see.

Third – speaking of Simon – OMG he’s spazzing out. Theres another cat on our deck and he is FREAKING out. I think this must mean its not Blue Eyed Kitty – because he pretty much has come to accept that cat… so it must be Fluffy Orange Cat, or Fluffy White Cat. At some point, I’ll get up to look because maybe that will make him stop pawing the glass door and running through his choruses of meows.

Fourth – I’m learning to like Ali Edwards. My art project came from her, and I learned how to make photo mosaics that look cool… so who knows I’m coming around.

I think thats it – I have other thoughts, but I cant figure out a way to say them, so I’m just going to think them for now – I might post them later. Enjoy your evening, people.

February 24, 2008

Well – it was a gooooood weekend! Friday evening, I spent some time at Kelly’s at thier open house. It was great to see such a supportive group in their house, meeting Aubrey for the first time. I held Aubrey for a bit, before I passed her off to the princepal of Kelly’s school. He was SO excited to hold her, it was very cute. It was very touching to see how many people care about Kelly and Andy and what they’ve been through. I thought it was perfect, and really had a good tone to it. I did get a little misty in the nursery, as I thought about the last few months and how different things could have been. Ahhhh crapola, I get a little misty thinking about it now. I’m continually touched by the way they approach things. Brooklyn will always be a part of every celebration, and every milestone, in her own special way. Kelly said that Aubrey chills out in her room, and I think thats because she knows thats where she’s closest to her sister. Anyway, after everyone left, Lynnette let the dog out, and he didnt even growl at me – and I got to touch his head… so all in all a good day.

Saturday I spent in Santa Barbara with Carrie. We met at the usual parking lot, and did the usual things. We wandered around the mall, and I looked around in the stores. They have a Gymboree store there, and were having a good sale, and I nearly spent some cash, but I’m just guessing there are “rules and guidelines” when it comes to Gymboree clothes by a certain bow-fanatic – so until I’ve learned the rules, I refrained. I took my camera too, so that I could docment and post the adventure on film – but I totally forgot to take it out of my bag, and didnt actually take any photos. I was excited to give Carrie her Hannakauh present. No – she isnt Jewish, but when I went to wrap her Christmas present (yes, 2 days ago in February) I realized I didnt have any more Christmas paper… but I had Channakauh paper… which is a whole other story – so I wrapped it in that. It entertained us many times – and later as we parted ways in the parking lot in the rain – we were lik e- okay Happy Hannakauh… We had lunch at the Marmalade Cafe – and that was good, and went to wander the Paseo Nueva outdoor mall and to see a movie. I ended up buying shoes at Payless, because it was raining, and I didnt want to trash my Birks. So I bought these and these. Keep in mind – I wear an 11 in Womens – so thats a whole lotta shoe!Airwalk Flower Twin GoreAirwalk Nature Twin Gore


I love them. They are soooooo fugly and I really enjoy them. I also got some socks – bright stiped ones, white with blue dots, and plain white. PLUS – the shoes were BOG1/2off – so they were basically 10 bucks a piece and frankly who can deny that bargain.


We saw No Country for Old Men – which was very well made, and Javier Bardem deserves his Oscar – but crieky, I think I watched the majority of the movie over the top of my black fleece. I headed for home about 7:30 – and my mother was FREAKING out becuse she’d left me 2 messages and I hadnt responded, and apparently it was VERY windy – which made her think I was damaged – but I wasnt.

Today was church church church. It was good. I also did the dishes, and cleaned up everything, so I can start the week totally clean. I pepperminted my bedroom and my kitchen, and went to Trader Joes and got two new re-usable bags. They are super cute and were only 99 cents – yay!

I watched the Oscars and then switched to Big Brother.. eh, not a great tv night. I’m headed for bed hoping I don’t wake up at 5AM for the 4th day in a row thinking about things. What things – lots of things, many many things. And thats about all I can say.


February 19, 2008
YAY – It’s done! Whoop Whoop.

Okay after finishing my art project, I’m posting pictures.

I basically stole the idea from ali edwards… and made it somewhat my own. You can see the orginal by clicking here. I used scrapbook paper scraps from my mom, and used puffy foam dots to mount them, so that they come off the page -in person it’s much better.

Now listen people, I realize some of the lines arent straight, and I realize that one of the tiny flowers is a bit cock eyed, and I realize that my frames arent hung evenly on the wall – but there is not a DAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT – because I am not good at hanging thigns straight, and I have big fingers and those are little tiny paper piecs so its as good as it’s going to get. Here are the photos.



February 17, 2008
A really good weekend

Well, this was a good weekend! Friday night I had dinner with Kelly, Andy, Aubrey and Lynnette. I got to the house and L. said – so you wanna hold her (Aubrey)? and my answer… yes, Yes I do. I think Kelly nearly dropped the scissors she was holding, but she covered well and turned around “you don’t have to if you don’t want to”. But – I’ve been working on being adventerous – and I had been pscying myself up for like.. .ohh… how old is she now – oh yes, 4 months. So after 27 thousand directions from Lynnette – Kelly said – just hand her the kid. Aubrey snuggled right in and I held her for quite a while. I figured out how to operate the binky… finger in the little hole, while touching the face – while jiggling… and I even – stand back people – stood up and walked around. I didnt have to do it PKH style and “hold” the baby while sitting on a sofa surrounded by pillows… hee hee. Kelly was great and didnt hover – and I enjoyed holding baby A. It still TRIPS me out that shes as big as she is and yet is still small. I literally saw her hours after she was born, and have seen her frequently over the months – but it still trips me out. So anyhoodle – we had a great dinner, and I got home late and got up early.

Yesterday – I had Altar Guild at church at 9, and then spent a couple of hours wandering around, having coffee with a couple of people, having a long chat with J’s husband J. I then spent the rest of the afternoon at my Moms house doing laundry. Lots and Lots and Lots of laundry. I came home later that evning and hung out at home, enjoyed my super clean house, and finished one book and started aother.

Today – I got up early and went to the 8AM church servie, and then taught sunday school at the 10AM service. I had… 6 kids, which is 3x as many as last time – yay! It was fun – we blasted U2 and talked about this weeks Millenium Development Goal – Achieve Universal Primary Education. It was really cool to hear what the kids had to say. I had lunch with MAH and some others after church and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening and night (until 9pm) doing laundry at my Moms. Now listen people, there is a method to the madness. I keep up with the “wear everyday” laundry, but I have… oh… 15 bathtowels, and a lot of kitchen towels, a few like.. 6 sweatshirts and hooodies, and I use cloth napkins, so I have a bunch of those… and all that stuff I just stockpile until the Mom is out of town and then I go to town – so I literally think I washed everything that is washable in my house – towels, kitchen and bath, napkins, throw blankets, hoodies and fleece, and on and on – loved it. It was great. Simon is freaking out currently sniffing each and every stich of clean clothes I brought home.

Speaking of Simon – OMG the breath. He has HORRIBLE breath and just yawned and breathed on me – twice. UGH. Anyhoodle, tonight I’m chiling out – watching American Gladiators, Big Brother and… ahem… Knight Rider… what can I say I love bad television. Tomorrow I’m having WEC and lunch fun with some combination of Kelly, J, and K… and I’m looking forward to it. I also plan to finish my freaking Art Project and take and post photos.

Okay – I’m off… Happy 3Day…? 3-Day…? three day weekend…

February 13, 2008
Whats wrong with this??

So this is the outfit I wore to Starbucks this morning. I got some funny looks from a couple of bluehairs, and some “nice pants” from a couple of others. My art project isnt ready to be posted yet – hopefully in the next couple of days…


February 12, 2008

OMG – I made an art project. Yes Yes Idid. I’ve finished and framed 1/2 of it, and am about 1/2 way through with the other half. I have to finish and frame that, and THEN I will take photos. I love it. It’s not perfect, and not my idea – but I do love it. I can’t wait to see the finished product. You scrapbooky people might even like it.

Tonight I went to a Pampered Chef party and spent money on fun things I don’t really need. But oh well – shortly I’ll be the proud owner of a pizza stone, a mix, measure and pour thingee and… something else. Umm… oh yes Bamboo flat spatula thingees. I’m very into Bamboo products lately. It’s a very green thing. Its a renewable resource – since Bamboo is weeds, it regrows itself in about 2 years – which is cool, you can stain it dark or light, and its very sturdy. So – yay Bamboo. I have 2 Bamboo cutting boards, and now I will shortly have bamboo spatual thingees.

I’m very looking forward to posting pictures of my art project.

February 08, 2008
Friday Fun!

Today – long lunch. Lunch with Kelly and Aubrey. I got to see her out of her carset – what a novel concept!! She was quite cute in her ruffelly butt pants. Her binkie panic moments are super cute – cracked me up! This was followed by a session at the pool. My Mom was able to come, so that made it exciting! She can’t hear for crap in the pool – so thats always entertaining. After work headed to SLO with Mom to get some ridiculously reduced priced Yankee Candles… Mom went overboard. Then -and yes… THEN – I went to the movies with A and Hee Hee. We saw 27 Dresses. I loved it. It is a total chick flick – but is smart, and funny, and I liked it. Plus – that boy that plays the writer – I wouldnt mind bringing him home. He’s HAWT!

Thats all for now, people. ttyl.

February 04, 2008

I’m suprised I’ve gotten a nasty-gram about updating – but I think that really, the below date is the 31 – not the 21. This weekend was good – Saturday was a lazy day, and Sunday was a lot of church followed by the Superbowl – go Giants!! I’m very happy they won – yay them!! I enjoyed it and enjoyed my faux pizza and my rootbeer. I even hollered at the TV once or twice – it was great.

Today was a good day, I got my new pajamas back from Ann – she hemmed them for me, after she washed them. Ohhhh they smell so good, and they are SO cute! Bright Yellow with green frogs, and pink lips – so fun! I love them – thanks Ann!!

I read a great book yesterday – check my reading list by click on “Home” above to get to it. Its the top one under read in 2008… it’s excellent! I’m starting a new one tonight, so we’ll see how it goes.

Finally – I’m ready for the writers strike to be OVER. I’m stuck watching American Gladiators – and while I used to love that show as a younger person, its not so much my favorite…

K – thats it..

January 31, 2008

Ahh – yes. Nanny, Nanna-rooni, “your mother”… so many things to say. While I don’t have a photo of Nanny in her gym outfit – I do have one and her little dog. More from me later…


January 29, 2008
A Few Thoughts
Well, in order to not get in trouble after leaving a nasty gram on some one elses site… I’m posting a few thoughts about comments from my Saturday Post… and then some thoughts on Sunday.

– The NEW Trading Spaces… Yay – I’m glad its back. I’m glad Paige is still super Perky – I can’t wait to see her and Doug fight – poor Doug, he doesnt look well. All in all – I like it and am willing to give it another chance.

– Miss America… Clinton Kelly… butch it up a little baby… c’mon.

Sunday was a long day. I left the house at 7:10Am and got home at 7:20 PM… so I missed the power outage completely. We had the Annual Meeting at Church Sunday night, and I had to open on Sunday morning. So I ended up going to the 8AM service, adn then just staying through the 10AM service… I had to do some stuff, and then we set up for the Annual Meeting after Coffee Hour. So I ended up leaving around 1, had to be back at 3:30 – and I just couldnt come home – because I knew I would go to sleep or something silly – so I stopped by my Moms for a few moments, and then got some late lunch… a very un healthy late lunch, but I just couldnt care. We had teh Annual Meeting, and it was a low turn out but lots of fun. I ended up getting asked.. at 730 in the morning if I could bring hors de vours for my potluck dish to the Holy Spirit Potluck (bring what the HS wants you to)… so it was good that my brownies sucked, cause I brought appetizers… I need to do a better job of listening the HS…

Today was good – Nanny decided to start going to the gym. She met me there today and signed up while I did my 40 minutes of cardio… I know I don’t talk about the gym or whatever here, an dI probably wont – but I had to today so you could understand what my 82 year old grandmother wore to the gym. She wore… her denim pantsuit… with the jacket. She also wore her fuscia long sleeve t-shirt, and her coordinating sneaers with the blue and fuscia trim, and brought her GIANT purse with the 27 jingle jangley things hanging off it in. I had gotten there early and explained to the girl that she was going to register -but please don’t let her walk on the treadmill… because if she did, she would fall and they would be calling 911 alot. Nanny has footdrop in her right foot – so she doesnt actually pick up her feet when she walks… that combination ona treadmill is a crash and burn scenario. So as I was leaving I asked Nanny how it went and she said.. “well you know theres that rule.” … ummm what rule… “the rule that everyone whose new has to starton the bike until they tell you you can do something else…” oh yes – that rule. So… Nannys biking… recumbant biking… in her denim pantsuit… and fuscia shirt and sneakers… and her purse. Gotta love it.

Finally – I cracked myself up today. It’s amazing to me how goofy I get over the smallest things sometimes… It’s funny, but its like one small thing can make the day good. So anywyas – yay for the small things.

January 26, 2008
Update – from below
Sad. I decided to make brownies for the Holy Spirit potluck tomorrow at church… but apparently that’s not what the Holy Spirit wanted me to bring… cause… the whole concept of “they will coole to doneness” is a crock of sheit. I let mine cool, and just went to slice them… and not exactly doneness… so I guess I will figure out what the Holy Spirit wants me to bring… tomorrow. Maybe bbq beef sandwiches? I don’t know. PJS is out because its too late to start building it. Sidenote – the cat is snuggling on me and just got a nose full of powdered sugar – many sneezes.

Also – I like that Mark Steines  and Clinton Kelly from WNTW are co-hosting the Miss America contest. Had Mark not intro’d his wife – it’d be hard to tell who was straight and who was gay… kinda like Good Morning America… Chris Cuomo… Sam Champion… Robin… anyone? anyone?

Finally – I am done with Valentines Day, and its only January. Listen people – when he shows up, he shows up. He’ll be right for me, and I’ll be right for him, and we will live happily ever after. I mean really – the fat kid with the bow and arrow – not really doin much for me today. I could go on for a while longer about this subject but I don’t know that it would do any good – so for now… keep the fat kid with the arrows away from me, and I’ll be good.

A Fun Day

What a fun day today was! I went to bed early-ish last night and so when I woke up at 9:30 this morning, I’d had quite a lot of sleep. I woke up freaking out this morning… was it Saturday or Sunday? Ohhhh crap – I’m late if its Sunday – like… 2 hours late – but is it Saturday or Sunday, Saturday or Sunday, Saturday or Sunday… … … okay self… if today is Sunday… what did I do yesterday… which would be Saturday… ummm…. yesterday I… worked OH GOOD so that means today is Saturday – YAY!! Anyway – I finally nudged the cat over enough that I could get my self out of bed. It was really nice to be able to make breakfast and hang out for awhile and drink coffee with out also being on the computer, or on a call or whatever – which is how the morning usually goes.

I flipped through various blogs and website, and ended up seeing that it was DOLLAR DAYS at Michaels -whoo hoo. So, I called my Mom and we agreed that we should go – so we did. We ended up being out all afternoon and hit Michaels, CPK for lunch, the outlets and the grocery stores. We had a great time and only got into one little spat. As we were driving to CPK for lunch, I made us go visit a condo that is for sale. I’d seen it listed somewhere and since it wasnt so outrageously out of my price range, I wanted to see it. The condos were BEAUTIFUL and are brand new, and gorgeous. They are in SLO and are of a spanish style – and soooo pretty. I love the window casings, and the other mouldings. The kitchens are beautiful, and the finish work is outstanding. So anyways, we met the real estate lady and she was friendly and was asking questions to me… which apparently means, I really look like an adult now… and then she said oh well 6 of these are normal priced… and then there are “two that are.. ahem… for ahem… moderate income people… and you know how those people are”… I wanted to say – YES like ME! …cause guess what people, those were the 2 units I wanted to see, but it turns out that I make just over the moderate level so I’m not eligible… plus you have to live in it for 45 years, and cant rent it out – so it’s a bit of a boxed in situation. FYI – They “normal ones” for “normal people” go for 630K… and while theya re beautiful – even if I had that money – I wouldnt want to spend it on one of those condos… The “moderate income” price level was about 220K… which seemed like a good deal… However, its not gonna happen.

Anyhoodle – by the time we got to CPK it was 2:30 and we were talking about some stuff and I was STARVING and was not in the mood to talk about a particular subject at top volume – since my mom can’t hear in that place and I finally was like LISTEN – I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS ANYMORE… I JUST DONT… but Mom kept talking about it… and I was like ENOUGH – I AM DONE… NEW SUBJECT… so we changed the subject, and all was good.

After stopping at the Albertsons and Trader Joes, I came home and did some dishes, and made brownies for tomorrow, and am currently sitting on my sofa watching… US Figure Skating Championships AND Miss America… lame, yes… and waiting for Trading Spaces… the return of Paige Davis! and listening to the wind BLOW – its crazy!! There was a big crash outside a few moments ago and I am hoping that it wasnt something into my car – and that the big crash on my deck wasnt my lawn chair blowing around “Wizard of Oz” style… oh yes and in addition to watching bad teleivison, I am blog stalking, and perusing magazines. A lady of many talents when it comes to couch potatoing…

No photos today – I’ not really good at the taking pictures thing – but I’ll work on it.

January 24, 2008

Well I’ve been told to include more photos – and I like to do as I’m told. It was DAMN cold here yesterday and the cat and I were FREEZING. It was 47degrees when I went to my office. I have a space heater but it’s SUPER expensive so I rarely turn it on. So this how the Simonizer and I battled the cold yesterday… And yes – I realize that it’s not a flattering picture of my self – but really… its cold enough in my office sometimes that I wear… my fleece pants, thick sweatshirt, uggs, hat, gloves, scarf…

and last night.

Today is better, I’ve been roasting myself and the S-Man with our Presto Heat Dish… and Simon loves to show it some love – by rubbing up against it… comedy. I’ve not been able to get a good photo of him flirting with the heater – but I’ll keep trying.

Now listen people (Joanna) – I live alone, with a cat…. 1 cat.. more than one would make me a crazy lady with tooo many cats… so I don’t have cute kids to take pictures off, my husband hasnt appeared yet so I dont have one of those to take pictures off – its just me and that cat – so I will do my best to take photos of things… but if I suddenly am posting 39 photos of the Simonion… its not my fault.. just doing as I’m told.

Snow Trip Photos

Kate (14) – Mark’s daugher                            Mark and Anna (9)                                    Anna again

   Isabel (7) – Ginas Daughter                         Isabel and Gina                                            Ethan (9)

   Marky and Me lounging in the snow                     Dad and Annette                                                 Me 

January 19 – 21, 2008
Family Fun at the Snow – The Recap.

Well as I previewed yesterday, there were some interesting moments over the last few days. I am going to string them together as best I can over the long….long… narrative… so I apologize in advance.

Saturday – the 19th

The plan was to get up, get dressed, pick up frozen Lynns pies from the store and be at Lauras at 10 to 10, so that we could leave AT TEN. AT TEN… TEN… TEN OH OH – and not a moment later. So, I got up and went at super speed to get dressed and get out an dthe car loaded up and the pies, and nearly denyed myself a Starbucks run – but I didnt. So I’m on the way to Lauras house… Laura is Annettes mother… Annette is my Dads wife… okay – so I’m on the way and I get a call from my dad and a message talking about how the 4WD Light on the Tahoe is on and so now we arent taking the Tahoe, we are taking the Silverado, and he’s going to Walmart to buy chains, and a tarp and will be late. So I slowed down and got to Lauras at 1010… Dad showed up at 10:30… with out chains… they didnt have them at the AG Wallys – so we were going to stop at the Paso Wallys. Soooo cue arguement #2… what kind of chains to buy… the ones that Dad has written down or the ones that Annette has written doewn and arguement #3 – do we really need chains to begin with, because the giant truck has 4WD and snow/mud tires… oh and I forgot that Arguement number 1 was which car to take to begin with… apparently when the “service now” 4WD light went on in the Tahoe – Dad was excited to take the truck. Annette wanted to gather opionons…. many many opinions… so she called all 3 Chevy dealerships in the area to ask what to do, my dads best friend,and I’m sure a couple of others. Anyways – we ended with chains and a big extra tarp and headed out to the truck. Cue arguements 4 and 5… on the way to getting lost in Paso trying to find either the freeway or the fairgrounds… arguement 4… Dennis (dad) realized that he forgot to turn the heat off in the house and OMG – end of the world… actually wait, I think this happened prior to arriving at the Walmart. Anyways – we called many people many times asking them to please go and check if the propane heater was off or not… my favorite part is the part where the person on the phone says… “you know where the keys are right? they are in the tree”…. so finally we ended up leaving Paso… we left SLO at 10:45, and left Paso at 11:45… which put us roughly two hours behind normal schedule. So we were off – we made it all the way to Kettleman City and stopped at In N Out and wolfed down cheeseburgers and then got back into the car… I think we had stopped arguing at this point – and made it to Oakhurst with out any big issues. I had to stop at Rallies to get some perishables, and as we were getting out of the truck, Marky and his family pulled up in ther car – packed to the BRIM with stuff… I tried to bribe one of the kids to switch places with me… don’t you want to ride with granny and grandpa… it’s really fun… but they are both too damn smart. (they also read the blog…) So I was under orders to RUN IN AND OUT QUICKLY because WE WERE LATE… so I did… I quickly grabbed stuff… and ran to the checking thing, and out the door I was, I get back to the truck and NO ONE IS THERE… They all decied they had to go to the bathroom… argh. So I stood there and waited, and then we were off again. We finally got to our cabin at about 4… only to find out that no one had gone to check us in. Granted we were inside… the other two familes were unpacked and installed in thier rooms… the doors were open, a fire was going… but we hadnt checked in… HOW did that happen… well apparently, they all got there at the same time and no one could decide to check in, so Mark made one of his kid crawl through the wood storage cabinet that has an unlocked door to the outside on one end, and an unlocked door that dumps out into the fireplace hearth on the other… so apparently he made one of his kids? or he did? go through that door and open the open the other doors… The rest of the night went pretty well. Marky made a delicious dinner of lasagna and salad and Dutch Crunch bread, and we had pie and ice cream for dessert. We played a couple of games of Blokus and I WON… yay – granted it was against a 14 year old and a 7 year old, but still – I WON!

Saturday January 20
Well – this day started well. I woke up HOT – someone had played with the heater, so it was literally 80 degrees in my room – HOT. I woke up at 730 and was sweating so I wandered out to the living room, where I needed my sweeatshirt. We waited until everyone started to arise, and then Marky and I started making breakfast. Whipping up breakfast for 12 is a challenge – but we did it pretty quickly. We made…. bacon, home fries – from scratch, I’m a pro at the potato chopping…really, I am… and scrambled eggs. We also had cinnamon rolls, coffee and oj. By the time we got it made, eaten and cleaned up – we were pushing 11… so we all threw on our snow clothes and went to the snow to play. Now – I have read on other peoples blogs about these so called “snow play” areas… but in my family we think thats bullshit. We dont go to authorized snow play areas. It is MUCH better to pull over on the side of the road, pile out in an odd assortment of clothes and snow equipment to go sledding at the golf course. Even the year we went to Badger Pass for snow – we sledded in the parkinglot because at the back there was a big hill… so who needs Snow Play areas… not the F/A/P clans… ha! It was during this time that some really great pictures were taken (I heard) and we got to use our favorite family phrase… “Say Shit!” – so in my family on that side, instead of saying cheese when its time ot take pictures, we all say “Shit!” every time – no matter what the location, event, whatever – always “Say Shit!”. So sledding was fun and I am SORE! I decided to sled as much as possible, because I figured the going up the hill part would take the place of the gym and I am sore  but it was fun, AND I didnt damage myself – which is good. I did have the funny feeling on my last round of… so things have been so fun… I should have quit while I was ahead… but I didnt hurt myself and we had fun. We headed back to the house for lunch – Gina was responsible for lunch and dinner. Lunch was BBQ Beef sammys with coleslaw, and cookies… It was really good!! It was around that time that the new family phrase was used many many times.

I do not know the origin of “Pimpley A-Hole” – but whoever came up with it… you rock. So in my family it was used as an insult, a change of subject, an answer to any question, etc. Also, you say “pimpley a-hole” theres no “ass” in there – just “a”. So my favorite one was one of the kids came into the kitchen and said “what are you talking aboutt?” the answer “your dads pimpley a-hole”….. and…”HEY KNOCK IT OFF YOU PIMPLEY A-HOLE”… and “DAMN IT – quit acting like a pimpley a-hole”… and “Grandpa Dennis why do you want Grannhy to look up hemmeroids in that book – do you have a pimpley a-hole”…. comedy. Gotta love it.

The night went well, we had fun and played games, and had a good dinner. Annette likes Blokus because its so pretty when all the pieces are on the board. They are even prettier when you hold them up to the light… I got even that night by turning the heat OFF when I went to bed, I’m always to sleep last so I wokeup and was warm and toasty underneath my coversand the house was FREEZING – it was beauty.

So that morning I woke up, and zipped up my suitcase and was ready to book. It had started to snow and I was ready to get the He** out of there. I’ve driven in the snow before, and I was ready to be on the road. However, we were a slow moving bunch that morning and didnt actually get moving until 9 or so. We ended up pulling out at 9:45 and all seemed good. It was snowing pretty good when we left and there was some snow – maybe 1/2 an inch on the ground where we were. However, we were lower than the entrance so I figured if there was snow onthe ground here… there would be a ton more on the ground there. And – I was right. We did pretty well, until we were up a hill, and drove up behind Mark and Joe – Mark had fishtailed going up a hill, and ended up needing to put on chains… His car is new and had new chains and none of us had ever put chains on before… or at least no tin 20 years. The other 2 vehicles had 4WD (see above) and didnt need chains… So I volunteered to help – and ended up standing at the top of the hill directing traffic as it came since we were taking up a fair amount of the road. People were really friendly and slowed down… I was glad I had on jeans and shoes… I learned lats time I drove in teh snow to wear real clothes on those days… yellow cow pajamas and sandles not good- no matter how cute… which is another story for another day. Anyways – after about 1/2 hour of farting around in the snow – the chains wereon and we were out of there. Itwas slow going, … like 10 MPH… until we reached the gate and the nice ranger man told us to go faster because it workred better – so we took off like a herd of turtles going 20 MPH and made it down an dout of the park… we pulled the chains just outside of Fish Camp and made good time after that.

I ended up getting home around 4 and was really happy to be here. It was a good trip but being with that many people and different personalitites, and parenting styles etc.. etc.. is tiring, so it was nice to walk into my house and just chill out last night. I made whole wheat tortilla pizzas with turkey pepperoni, and olives and just watched bad TV and hung out.

Okay I think thats it. I’ve covered my entire list – this post is TOOOOO long – but it is what it is. If you kept reading the whole thing -yay you!! I should have pictures to post in th enext couple of days… apparnetly theres a couple cute ones of Marky, me, and some of the kids eating diet coke slushis out of a snow hole in the ground… at the golf course… Mark in his mailman pants… me in my rain pants… sooooo we’ll have to see!

January 21, 2008
Family Fun at the Snow… Part 1… the Previews

Okay people – I have been, and now I”m back from the Family Fun at the snow… and I am DAMN tired… so I can not blog. I’ve tried to organize my thoughts but I just can not. So instead – I am going to post some highlites, so that I can remember what in the world to blog about tomorrow.

1. Pimpley A-Hole
2. Say Shit!
3. What happens when the 4-WD light goes on and off an on again
4. Sledding
5. It’s snowing… lets get out of here. Ummm… or not.
6. Chains
7. Home again.

Well – at somepoint, I hope to have photos from the family fun, so… yeah. I’m done. More tomorrow…

January 15, 2008
Not much to say

I have not much to say. Well – I have some to say -…

I overslept this morning – and missed a call. I realized I built most of my project due Friday off of the wrong base – which means lots of rebuilding the next couple of days, and I was late at Vestry last night – so I’m just tired today.

Thats really all I have to say. I’m just tired. The end for today.

January 13, 2008
I read alot and I don’t sleep alot – these days

So here’s the deal – I am doing my best to try and remember to update everday. Apparently, the “masses”… well one person… requested it – so here I go. I will do my best. I have figured out why I read alot… which is pretty straightforward. I love it. I also like sitting at night and reading a book and watching tv, or reading a book and futzing on the computer, or reading a book and… ?? okay I think those are the only things I can do at night while reading a book. But I also read fast – so I usually rip through a book in a couple of sessions, which I suppose is good, but really causes my wallet to hurt since I buy a lot of books. I just got 5 or 6 new books from my Mom, so that should last me through the week. It would last me longer but we’re going on our family trip to the mountains this weekend, which will be lots of downtime and lots of reading time – that reminds me, I need to borrow Blokus from either NF or KS/LH… so I will be calling in that favor later this week. … thanks in advance ladies.

Second… the not sleeping. Wow is that annoying. I think it’s stress from I don’t know what. Well, I do know what but due to the whole open concept of the blog – am not going to blog about it. I also know its stress because I am giving myself a jaw ache from clenching my teeth together… CLENCHING – during sleep, and random times… so that means its stress of somesort. Who knows. I hope it goes away soon.

Okay – thats it – Simon had a fun adventure, so read his blog to see whats happened.

January 12, 2008
Poker – and Books

Well after a long day of nothing… I debated going to the pool, but couldnt quite get it together in time… I had a lovely evening of KICKING ASS in poker!! Much like I do in many things – I talk a good game, and then suck ass at poker, but the last couple of times I played I did pretty well. I subbed in my Mom’s poker group for the second time in the last year, and had a good time. It’s a $10 buy in, and at one point I was winning I had triple the chips of every one… pocket aces, 2 hands in a row … and then I blew all my chips in a matter of like 5 hands because I kept playing every hand. Oh well – I wasnt out first… or second… or third… and I was the one that knocked Art out – which was a good feeling, and then one the blinds went up to 150/300 – I was out pretty quickly. I think I went out 5th – which means I missed taking home money by only a couple of hands… which is a bummer, but I was pretty proud of myself… all in all  a good night. Tomorrow is a long day of church and other activites… an dI have to go to SLO for something… but at the moment, I cant remember what it is… ohhh yes shipping my computer back to LA so it can get reimaged for the 4th time. I’ll be happy to hit my 4-year anniversary with IBM, because then I get 2 new computers – yay!!

Okay – thats all for now.

Oh crap – I lied – I totally forgot, I got a shitpile of new books tonight from my Mom – yay!! We are going to the mountains for family fun in the snow next weekend (14 people… 4 bedrooms… I get a sofa I think) – but I’ve been OUT of books for a while, and have had nothing to read except things I don’t find interesting. But my mom gave me a whole list of happy books to read – a new Jan Karon, an old James Patterson, one that I dont have and some other stuff – so I’m looking forward to that. I’ll have to bring the bag up from the car tommorow and update my reading list. I’m going to do my best to not read them all this week. K – really thats it.

January 10, 2008
You know it’s bad when…

The mom whose baby is home for 2 days has updated more than you, and wants an update! Well – what to say, I’ve converted another one to the joys of Pretzel Jello Salad – yay!! The blog post below prompted some snarky comments about Pretzel Jello Salad… K! Anyhoodle, I decided to put it to the test, and made a couple of batches of the Pretzel Jello Salad and trade it for a book i wanted to read with K…Well – I delivered it today and she LOVED it… LOVE – I say. So yay – another winner!

I had a meeting tonight and then went to Cost Plus. I love Cost Plus – I went in for a couple things, and then ended up wandering around and alternately picking up things I dont need, and putting them back down. So sorry Cost Plus people – I think I maybe left a candlestick in the cat food section, and a cat toys near the shower curtains – whoopies! I recently read a thing about a new cleaning line of products, and they carry them at Cost Plus – so I wanted to get them. It’s Mrs. Meyers line – its supposed to be more natural, and aromatheraputic… (sp?)… so I got dish soap and all purpose cleaner in Lemon Verbena scent, and they have pet products too – so I got the pet wash wipes and litter refresher. Simon doesnt know what he’s in for. He hates HATES the cat size wet wipe bath – he refuses to groom himself for a while afte rI attack him with the wetwipes… which means he sits in the middle of the floor with his hair sticking up in 27 directions… not a pretty picture.  So I’ll have to try to get him with it tommorow. The pet wipes say they leave a nice scent and give the cat a shiny coat – so that’ll be fun. I’m excited to try out the dish soap and other thing – we’ll see.

I’m trying to think if I have anything else exciting to report… This week has been busy with work, and I’m glad its finally Thursday – I’m looking forward to the weekend. I am excited that I got a new book from K. at lunch today, and I started reading it over dinner. It’s good – I keep pretending I’m reading the John Grisham and I have to be honest – I am not. NOT reading it.

Side note – I entertained the ladies in my WEC yesterday. I was having pool noodle issues. I had a pool noodle that was pink and ribbed and it kept slipping out from under my foot. Finally on the third time it popped up I gave it a BIG SHAKE and a lecture. A BIG LECTURE with fingerpointing, the Naughty Noodle had it coming… At that point, I had sorta tuned back into the class and realized the ladies were laughing – cracking up in fact. I don’t really know where my head was that I didnt think it was odd that I was giving a pool noodle a lecture – but they found it very funny. I think thats about it for now – check back tommorow to see how Simon and the new “Sage and Cleary” animal wipes went… I’m guessing not well, but we’ll see.

January 05, 2008
Not Motivated

Oy! I am not motivated today. I have a crapload of stuff to do, and I am not interested, motivated, at all to do any of it. I have the 12th Night celebration tonight to go to – which will be fun, and I made the pretzel jello salad to take – I managed to spill the jello all over the kitchen floor while making it – no wonder the recipe says “let it set somewhat”… argh. I also have all my holiday decorations still up and those need to come down today, but I need to throw out the bin they were in, and put the stuff in a new bin – the other one has some… issues. I also need to clean up the kitchen, should do laundry… blahblah blah – just not interested in doing it.

However – !! Cathy emailed last night and is picking up the cake in SM today – which means I do NOT have to do that – yay!! So – I think I’m going to do… a little bit of nothing, and read my book… and then… do all the things on my list, but I might stop by and get a new bin from my storage unit and take down the stuff tonight, it wont take long…. who knows.

I need to update my reading list… its a bit embarrasing… I read a ton – but nothing that is highbrow or…literature… eh, I like my choices… reccomendations always welcomed though… I think I want to borrow one of K’s books… I like her reading list… hee hee… Finally – the cat is spazzing out… he spent most of the night raching around and at 6:30 this morning started freaking out and “sounding the alarms” and came in and starting smacking my closet door – I do no know what his freaking deal is – but I nearly made him an outside cat this morning.

K – done now -ttyl

January 01, 2008
Happy New Year…

Well – it’s come again. I just mastered writing 2007 on my checks, and now its time for 2008! I can’t believe it! I am glad that this year is over though, it was a rough one on lots of levels, and I’m looking forward to celebrtaing 2008, and all the excitement its bound to bring. Last night was a fun way to spend the night, I had dinner with James and Summer at thier house, and we played Wii Bowling… of which I am EXCELLENT at… ha, much better than I am at real bowling. Granted I got a 124 – but still he highest number I’ve ever gotten at real bowling is… oh… 88 with bumpers on, so I was happy with my 124, and not at all embarrased that I was 68 points behind the other 2… We watched “Walk the Line” – well most of “Walk the Line” – so I’ll have to rent it and watch the last few minutes. I was soooo dang tired though, I spent yesterday cleaning out 2 rooms at church (Volunteer Office and Room 6) with Cathy and Neal and wow, it was hard work, but it felt really good to get those rooms cleaned. I was soooo tired though as midnight approached – I barely made it. Today I am not doing much – just hanging out, enjoying the final day of vacation before its back to the grind…

Lots of things coming up in January – family trip to the mountains, annual meeting, 12th night party… side note – I had to order the cake for the 12th night party and realized as I was standing there – I dont know how to spell 12th in letters… so instead of saying “Celebrate Tw****th Night!!” it says “Celebrate 12th Night!!”… I just couldnt figure out what combination was right… Twelth, Twelvth, Twelphth… so I went with 12th… hope the folks at St. B’s don’t mind!

That’s allllllll for now folks…

December 28, 2007
I am ready to retire… now.

Well, okay… I am ready to retire. Or inherit a substantial amount of money so I can be a lady who lunches. The past couple of days have been really relaxing, and quite fun. Yesterday, I had to work a half day. I had run out of vacation, so had to work 1/2 day to make it stretch over the holidays. It was painfully quiet and I was glad when noon hit. I had a great lunch with Kelly and it was nice to be able to chat about normal things and discuss all sorts of fun things. After I got home fromlunch I went on a … cleaning and sorting rampage. This happens rarely – but when it does, its no joke. I sorted through my stocking stuffers, and figured out where they belonged, and then put them there. I also sorted through my pantry – which is a chore – its a funny shape and doesnt have shelves, so it tends to be the black hole, but I sorted through that and the upper pantry and got that in order. James and Summer very nicely took my trashcans to the curb (I think it was them) on Christmas Night so they could get emptied – which was great because I totally filled them up again with random things I found in my pantry. I also made a list of things I needed from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had gotten a giftcard there from Nanny for my birthday, but neve rused it. It was originally for new flatware, but I’ve discovered the issue is with my dishwasher, not with my cutlery – so I finally spent it on other things. I also hit up Costcoe and spent too much money there as well, but it was really quite nice to be able to just sorta wander around both stores and pick up things that I wanted or needed with out being in a rush or feeling guilty. So the highlites are… a new bamboo cutting board, that matches the one Jeff F gave me for Christmas, a door sorter thing to hang my totes, purses, scarves, gloves and hats on. A hook for another door to hang my bathrobe on… and a cute box to put all my tea in. I’ve recently discovered loose tea and needed an organization situation. From Costcoe – I got cereal, pasta, chicken, a new book (cause really I neede one?), a new beach towel that I love – I might actually go back today and get another one, some stuff for a special redhead baby (sorry redhead baby people – I couldnt help it), socks, and some other stuff – that I cant remember what it is right now. I nearly got a new tea kettle and I might go back and get it today – along with another beach towel. The beach towels are HUGE and great, and I’m excited about them. Today – so far, I’ve done nothing but sleep in – play with the cat – check out his blog to see what/why/how, drink coffee, and watch bad television. I need to do some returning this afternoon from LB, FB and Macys – my mom really tried her best to get me a couple of cute tops – but… not so much. One looks like a psycadellic kimono, one is red with gold and black swirls and a rouching in the chest area, and then a green and tan hoodie/tank situation that works in therory but not in actuality – so all that stuff needs to go back and maybe get replaced – good try Mom! So thats it – I’m ready to do this for the next few decades – I stil need the income, but I do enjoy doing not much. Cheerio!

December 26, 2007
Phew – Holiday Hooplah is over….

Oh man, the Holiday Hooplah is over. I am glad. Soo… Monday – I slept in until 8. Got up, read some of my book, went to the gym, had lunch with the Beck, Laura, Patrick and Jake the Puppy. Got home, had just enough time to shower and wrap the presents I needed to bring to my Dad’s house for Round 1 – then went and spent a few minutes with the extended Held/Sanders and Missy family… then went to church to drop somethings off, then went to my Dads for Christmas Eve… It was the 5 of us, and my grandmother was in rare form. Besides making nasty comments about the new furniture – she was really off that night. She was not following any conversation, brought stuff for stockings for half the family, but not the other half – wore a beautiful outfit with crocs and no-slip socks… did not understand why I wasnt wearing my new tea cozy as a hat… but the highlite of the night was when she was ordering people around from the table she snapped at my dad. “Denny, don’t forget this horserelish!”. Horseradish Sauce… Horserelish… TomAtoe…. TomAHtoe… We then had very civilized present opening – each person gets one gift to open at a time, and everybody takes a turn being “Santa”. I was pleased with the gifts I had given to Dad, Annette and Nanny. Nanny didnt really like hers – she said – so that was a bust, but my Dad really liked his new jacket, and Annette gave a great reaction when she opened her apple peeler, slicer, corer thing – so that was good! Jeff and I exhange presents on Christmas Morning – so he opened his then. After presenting was done we had dessert, and then played Yahtzee waiting for it to be time to go to church. Yahtzee was intersting. Nanny got really competitive – but didnt understand the game, and kept rolling her wrong dice and getting mad when we helped – Dad Won, I lost – shocking. SHOCKING – I lose everytime, oh well. After that the whole family went to church for our midnight mass that starts at 10:45… and ends at midnight. It was nice for me because my Mom, and my Dad, and Jeff were all there – Art and Annette too – but it was nice to have my whole family, minus Nanny … a long list of reasons…, together. After cleaning up from the reception, I got home around 1, and wrapped the other presents, and went to bed at 3…in the morning. I was up at 8, and at my moms by 9, and Christmas Morning Festivities began. That was uneventful, but fun. Jeff really liked his office supplys, and Mom liked her new iPod toys… shes turning into quite the ipod geek. The slippers I got for Art were a bit of a bust, apparently his feet have “expanded” so they didnt fit – but whatever. After a nice breakfast, I headed back home to shower and change to get to go to Marks. Up there we have a very LARGE gathering of the extended family. We all bring gifts for the kids, and a gift for the 10Dollar Gift Exchange. The dinner was great, no one grilled K. on her new nose decoration, and all inall it was a great time. The gifts I got for the kids seemed to go over well, – Kate liked her camera which is what I was most worried about. The gift exchange was GOOD!! Gina and I conspired together and ended up with what we wanted the most. I got a Holly Holiday set from Yankee Candle with a tart burner and votive holders, and other fun stuff in it!! Gina got the starbucks card – so that was good, yay us! I got home from that around 10:30, and made a choice about what I am doing today. Today I am doing… NOTHING. I am NOT going to the gym. I am NOT going to church, or a parents house, or… anything. I am going to sit in my house – which is clean, and watch bad tv, and contemplate what book to read. I might sort through the stuff I got (tea cozy, tea warmer, subversive blender (immersion blender, but nice try dad), pajamas, tons of stocking stuffers, and gift cards, and office supplies) and I think i am going to a movie this afternoon. I am excited about it. One thing I wanted to add – even though I don’t think they read this – but a family at church gave me an overly generous present, I lead the 2 youth groups thier kids ar ein, and she gave me a really generous present and it totally made me cry – so thanks B. Bunch, I couldnt believe it. I think thats it – i didnt realize this would be so long, but whatever it is.

Happy Holidays… let the resting begin!

December 23, 2007
OMG – Long, Ass Day

Ohhhhh… I am sooooooo tired, what a long freaking 2 days. So where to begin… Let’s start with yesterday. Yesterday, I was at church at 9 AM for Altar Guild, done at 10 – went to my Moms, watched them make Sour Cream Twists (them = Mom and Hilary). Then went for nose piercing with K. and the family – her nose, not mine. That didnt work out, so we went to lunch. They came and met Pointy (Ohhhh I was tired last night, it’s bad when you call your own cat the wrong name. They met Simon – not Pointy) and we parted ways at like…2. Then I started Christmas shopping. Got home at 5, showered, wrapped 2 presents – picked up wine from Cathy, and then went to a Holiday Party. Got home at like.. 10, wrapped all my cans, and chocolate cones, and then went to bed. This morning – got up late… 7:50, instead of 7:05… whoops… showered, went to church at 8:30 – handed out cans, then helped in Sunday School. Then helped set up the Christmas Decorations. Then went and had lunch and went to do more shopping. Met my mom at 2 so we could go to a “Celebration of Life” for April… then went and saw Kathleen at the hospital… then went to see my Nanny… then went back to my Moms… then came home to change out of my church/funeral clothes and into my comfortable clothes… which is an interesting outfit to say the least. THEN – I sat for 22 minutes, and went to pick up my brother. We had a really good night – did some more shopping, had a good dinner, and dropped him off at … 8:50. I went to my Moms house to drop off something, and then decided to go to K-Mart… to finish Christmas Shopping. I just got home… JUST got home… at 10:45… and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking tired.

Tommorow I only have to get one more present – so I plan to sleep until 10 – go get coffee, this one last present, come home, wrap everything, and then take a nap, and then head out to my Dads house.

One final note… when I was at ABHS house last week – A was making pajamas and I LOVED THEM, she said pick out flannel, and I’ll make you a pair. Well, TODAY – I met them in the parking lot and she handed me a bag of pajamas, and I hadnt picked a flannel at all – and plus, here mom is Kathleen whose currently in the hospital, so its been a bit stressfull for her – so anyways tonight I got them out and I totally thought they were going to be TOOOOO small, but I tried them on and they are NOT – it’s very exciting. Plus they are TOTALLY fun, and my speed. They are bright yellow, with green frogs, and have a pink and white polka dot band on the bottom – I LOVE them, and cant wait to wear them. I’m going to try to get a picture in them tommorow when my brain is working and I’ll post it. So thanks Ann – I really love them. Thanks much!!

Thats all – going now.

December 18, 2007
Cans are done! Yay!

Well after a couple of weeks of work, I’m so happy to announce that the cans are done!! I did one big Happy Can, and then the Sr. High YG that I lead did 9 Holiday Cans, for people in the parish, to help spread some Holiday Cheer. I’m super glad to have these done, and can clean up and put away the giant MESS that it causes. That is good because Alejandra comes on Friday – so I gots to get the house clean… er. Anyway – check out the pictures below, and then read some more about a couple of other things (1 sad, 1 happy) going on.

The “Happy Can” aka a Happy Ad Can…

And here are the can’s for church – they are the three cans, and then the three lids – 9 cans total. Can you pick out the two that I made… bet you can… A hint… my fine motor skills bite the big one, and I run out of patience VERY quickly. Guess away…

 So whaddya think?

Now for another update or 2. Yesterday was a great day. I had the day off, and didnt check my email from work once, it was super. I went to the pool with my Mom, and had lunch with Nanny… which was interesting, and then spent some time with Kelly, Andy and Aubrey. We also went to dinner, and then hung out and J&Js for a few hours. It was fun to play with the little girls… I think PKH (anyone care to share what that K is for?) tried to rip my big toes off, but a 4-year old can’t do much damage – so it was fun. The little one is super cute too – I think it comes with the name.. har har. We played Blokus… I lost. Badly. Twice. I looked at the J at one point and said “I always lose.” her response “I always win”. And she was correct. Eh – it happens. It was a great night, I had a ton of fun, and I look forward to losing to Blokus again. I am EXCELLENT at Sorry though – I can’t wait until I get my ass kicked in that soon!

Today was an okay day, but with a sad evening. I am so tired of people dying. I just… am done with it. We lost a TIGR earlier this fall, then Baby B, then Sherri – Kims Mom, and now Splashes Mom April. April was an amazing single mom, who raised a super smart, super caring, super all around kid Splash. I am SO proud of that kid – this year has been hell, and she has really done amazing things. Her mom lost her battle with cancer this morning, and I am just sad. I feel so bad for the daughter. My Mom has known them since the daughter was small, and I had heard all sorts of stories about them, but we didnt make the connection until much later that Splash was that same daughter. I am so proud of her for her strength, and courage through this – I dont know that I would have that and I’m twice her age. I just want things to slow down for a bit – if your alive, stay alive and if your not….. well.. hmm… I guess theres not an alternative for that, so I guess… we’ll focus on the staying alive.

With that I am done for the night…

December 14,2007
Yippee! 3-Day Weekend!

Well – yay! After a very long week, and a very very long day today – I am done, DONE!! I was supposed to get off at 11 today – per the bosses gift to us, but it didnt happen. There was some stuff that needed to be done, so that I could not obsess over the weekend, and really there is always stuff with a specific situaiton – and this was no different. Just seeing the stuff come up makes me cringe – adds stress to the mix. So anyways, instead of being done I was done at 4 – and now I am done for the ENTIRE weekend!! Yahoo! I am excited. I have Monday off, and that means only a 4-Day week – yippee! I don’t know what I am going to do on Monday – but it will not involve the computer. Tommorow I am meeting K. for coffee, and then am going to do some Holiday Shopping. Sunday I have church all day long, ad into the night, and Monday is FREE FREE FREE. I need to write my christmas cards and send them as well, and finish my happy can – its turning out super cute, but I want to finish it so I can send it and then get the stuff out of my living room. I think thats about it – I don’t have much else to say. My brain is toast.

December 09, 2008
Holiday Hoopla…

So I fear this will be a long post, as I have 3 things to cover… (1) Holiday Hoopla aka decoration (2) The Holiday Photo Shoot with Simon the Cat and (3) The Nutcracker and the abundance of small girls in large dresses.

So first – I spent 2 nights setting up about 75% of my Holiday Decorations. I’m nearly done, I just need to find advent candles for my advent wreath – apparently they sell full wreaths at LNT – but I’m not near one of those, so instead I am looking for 3 purple or blue candles, and 1 pink one. Per someones request – here are the before and afters…

Before… note, I moved into the green carpet, and multi-yellow walls… I didnt choose them…

Here are the afters…

 So number 2… that would be the Holiday Photo Shoot. Last year, I started to send out a holiday card with a photo of the cat on it. It seems odd, but he is quite cute and I get pictures of people’s kids – so why not send them my dependent. Last year, Simon wasnt quite clear on the whole process, and wouldnt pose to take a good photo. This year, I put on his special decorations, and set up the “set” and he knew just what to do . He took all sorts of great photos and some funny ones. I’ve  inserted some of the outtakes below (note some of the facial expressions) and the final one, you’ll just have to wait until it arrives in your mailbox…



Finally, today I went to the Nutcracker after church, and before Advent Adventures. It was… fine. I think I could be done with it for the next few years. There were some good parts, but frankly the best part was the chocolate cupcake with the thick icing and the sugar poinsetta flower on it. However – there was an ABUNDANCE.. a pure pleothora of tiny girls wearing HUGE dresses. There were also a few little girls wearing socially inappropriate clothes.. skin tight red velvet dress anyone. But seriously, there were soooo many girls in thier fancy dresses. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a new christmas dress, and a fancy one at that – but these were super-duper fluffy with tulle underneath, and petticoats and I dont know what – it was alot of dress on really tiny girls.

Okay – I think thats it for me now…. more later? maybe – I dont know… thoughts about the nuttiness with the holiday card?

December 08, 2007
What a day –

What a day. I never thought 8 months ago that I would have spent today the way I did. Today was the funeral for Brooklyn, Kellys daughter. It was such a surreal expierence. There were about 40? people there – people from all aspects of Kellys life. Bunco ladies, scrapbooking ladies, people from school, there was a small group of TIGRs from Hapitok, along with a few staff, family, other friends… it was nice to see how many people care about Kelly and Andy. The service was short, but nice. My priest, Rev. Valeri, did the service and my Mom did the readings and the Prayers of the People. They both did a great job. VV+ wrote a very nice poem about Brooklyn that was really very touching. I couldnt help thinking about how young we are to have to go to a funeral for a baby. It just continues to not seem right to not have both those girls here. How does it happen that way? After the funeral there was a reception at the Womens Center. I think it was a good way for all of us to have some fellowship and spend more time with Kelly and Andy and thier families. I ended up having coffee with some of the girls after the reception, and that was good as well. After that I spent some time in SLO doing some holiday shopping – I purchased almost nothing for other people. My gift giving antennae werent up… But I needed to do something other than coming home by myself after the funeral, so it was good to have a few hours out of the house. Tommorow I will post my Holiday Decorating photos. I have Advent Adventures tommorow evening, and I might try to see the Nutcracker in the afternoon… who knows. I’m just glad that today is over, and that Kelly and Andy were able to honor thier daughter in the way she deserved. I know this isnt about “moving on”, but I think today was the next step in the journey forward.


December 05, 2007
Cleaning so the cleaning lady can come…

Well… I’m at it again. Alejandra called and said she was coming tommorow – well, really she called yesterday and said she was coming tommorow, but I spaced and forgot to call her back tonight until I got her message tonight… “Alison, its Alejandra”…. I filled in the part about, call me back… So I thought tonight I would go to the gym, and then to the pool and then come home and clean the house so Alejandra can come. Yes – that’s correct. I did, in fact, just type that I was going to clean the house so Alejandra can come. I realize that seems like a ludacris statement to make, but really if you could see my house right now, you would understand why. I don’t have a clean dish in the house – the unclean ones are scattered across every useable surface in the living room and office. I don’t really have any clean cups – those are all scattered about. I’m sure there is a floor in my room, but I have NO idea where it is – buried under a pile of clothes I suspect. So that was my plan… well really, that was Plan B. Plan A was go to the gym at lunch, go to the pool tonight, spend the hour after I was done working, and before pooling to clean, then finish up after I got home. In actuality, Plan C occured. I worked until 5 – somehow I missed lunch, went to the gym for 45 minutes, then went to the pool, stopped at Panda Express – did I mention I also have no food at the moment, came home and scarfed. THEN  – I talked to Carrie for like… an hour and 26 minutes – and now here I am. I did intend to clean up after we got off the phone, but I watched the last 20 minutes of PR – and then I of course had to watchthe first 20 minutes, that I’d missed. So – I just cleaned up for 20 minutes and gave up. I think tommorow I will get up earlier, clean up a bit while the coffee brews, and then use my lunch hour to finish cleaning up. Alejandra says one or one thirty she will be here -so that plan willwork… yes? Lets hope. The upside is that since I have no clean dishes, I put my red Christmas Dishes in the cupboard tonight, so tommorow when I unload the dishwasher, I will be able to put my everyday dishes into the non-everyday cupboard, until Ephiphany. I do love my red dishes.

I also have to decide what… if any… holiday decorations I want to fish out and stick up. I enjoy it once its up there, but the whole process of getting the stuff out, putting the current stuff away, and then setting it all up, and then taking it all down once its over – just is a PIA. I have a Nativity that I want to put up, and I am totally going to steal Merediths idea about an Advent wreath, I know exactly where I’m going to put it too… and I don’t get a Christmas Tree – I have garland that I put on my mantle, and hang the ornaments on that, and… ohhh I’m totally talking myself into it. I also have these damn little… I mean cute little Dickens Village houses, that I have to find a home for. Last year, they went on my bookshelves – but one of the bookshelves is broken this year, so I’ll have to find a new home… Maybe I will do abbreviated Holiday Decorations.

I also have to do Holiday Shopping and I just decided to add 2 people onto the list -but they’ll be easy.

Argh. I’m also SUPER irritated about a work thing. I just don’t get why people can’t be polite. I sent a polite email, why cant THEY send a polite email back instead of a nasty-gram. Irritating.

Okay I think thats enough for now – I’m tired!


December 01, 2007
Very Sad.

Baby Brooklyn passed away yesterday. I am so sad for Kelly and Andy and the families, but I am continually impressed and in awe in the grace and dignity they have shown through the last several weeks. Someone once said that “children choose their parents”, and I think Brooklyn was wise in choosing such loving, kind, generous people who put every amount of energy into doing what was right for her. I can’t imagine the pain of the last several days, but am truly moved, touched and inspired by thier actions. I love them both. If you would like to contact Kelly or Andy, the best bet at this point is to send a card. They are currently focused on working through this time, and taking care of Aubrey. Email me if you need their address.


November 23 – 26, 2007
Thanksgiving Round 2 – ding ding

Thanksgiving Round 2 kicked off somewhat bright and early on Friday. I slept in – I had gone to the gym on Thursday, and sleptin on Friday, and then assembled what I needed to before heading to SLO before going to the family event at my Dad’s. I stopped at Sierra Vista to visit with Kelly – and on my way in, saw a special someone in the lobby. One of the TIGRs from Hapitok who was visiting her Mom whose in the hospital. It was great to talk to her – she is truly a testament to strength and courage. After visiting with her I ran into Kelly and Lynnette as they were leaving the NICU and we had a nice visit standing in the parking lot. It was great to see Kelly – WOW she looks great, and was in good spirits for awhile. After that I headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I spent a crapload of money I didnt need to spend on things that I didnt really need to purchase, but I ended up with a teapot, tealight candle holders, 2 Yankee Candles, a box of YC tealights, a tea strainer and I think something else, but it was fun to purchase things friviously.

I got to Denettes around 2:45 and put together my salad. Everyone else arrived between 3 adn 3:30 – it was a big crowd, but smaller than in years past – we had a TON of food including: Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Salad, Rolls, Creamed Onions, Peas, and a couple of other things I cant remember. For dessert we had pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie, and pecan pie. There were… 14 or 15 us at dinner – so lots of food for lots of people. It was fun!

Saturday was a busy day. I had a long breakfast with an old friend and our mothers. We ate at McLintocks and then wandered around the village. I rarely do that, and it was fun to spend time wandering through the village. Margret and I still have fun together after all these years and it was a fun way to spend the morning. I was able to come back to the house for awhile before gearing up for Family Fun Round 3… The Melodrama. To celebrate Annas bday – she turned 9 – we went – the whole family to the Melodrama. It was… cozy… and… ummm… interesting. It was 3 acts – the first was a version of the Dickens Christmas Carol – and minus Tiny Tim – it sorta sucked. The second act was a fractured fairy tale – and that was pretty good. The third act was the holiday vaudeville review – and I liked that alot. I missed the fan dance, but the 12 days of christmas song was pretty good. It was long though and I didnt get home until 11:30.

Sunday was church and that was a long, but again fun day. I ended up in the nursery with Dylan, and had lots of fun – I can’t believe how big he is. Afterwards, I had lunch with Ben and Cathy and Carrie. Carrie was driving south to get home, so she stopped in for lunch, and then we took the little brown dog for a walk. Ocho did very well and didnt bite anyone. She did try to protect Carrie from Art – but then she calmed down. I made Thanksgiving Round 3 last night for dinner, with the intent on turning it in to Turkey Divan tonight – but I worked late and didnt get a chance to go the grocery store.

Tonight has been a relaxing night. I had macaroni and cheese, with turkey. I lit  bunch of my candles, and put a java log in the fireplace. I made cookies and a pot of tea and flipped my lights on low – and that was great. I then decided that I was GOING TO FIX my WIRELESS. When I got my new ATT DSL service after getting rid of earthlink – I couldnt make it work with my wireless, and I have tried EVERYTHING – resetting, power cycling – turning it on and off and on again – and nothing worked – I was very very frustrated. So tonight after Carrie tried to help me and then realized I was not in the mood – I called linksys and 20 minutes later – voila – wireless internet up and running. This is great because it means I can work on both my machines at once in the office, or work from the living room. The last few weeks I’ve been poaching my neighbors wireless, but tonight I found that they made theres a secure network tonight – so I couldnt borrow the connection anymore. That was a very sad moment, but the impetus I needed to fix my own, and now its fixed!

Tommorow is SHYG and I need a craft to do. Also – Friday is the Hapitok Holiday Party and I need to figure out a homemade gift that beats what I did last year – and let me tell you, I have no ideas. NONE – an I’ve gotten a couple of emails from TIGRs excited to see what I bring… what to do, what to do…

Comments? Thoughts?

Also – the new friend made a joke that she cant write a short post to save her life… I think I win.



November 22, 2007

Today was Thanksgiving Round 1 – ding ding – and it was at my Mom’s. It was a small gathering – UBill and Shelly came for a visit ahead of time, and Nanny stopped by as well. We had a nice visit and then it was time for Turkey!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because its easy, theres no presents to deal with, or other activities, its just a nice day. We had dinner around 3:30 – my Mom, Art, Jeff and I. We had a ton of food and were able to hang out afterwards for a while before we ate pie. I had a large piece of pie – I had gone to the gym this morning and worked hard – so I splurged.

Currently, I’m sitting in my apartment and I am FREEEEEEEEZING. It’s 44 outside according to the yahoo thermometer and I kid you not, its about that temperature in my house. I am bundled up in my Nanook outfit, and I am warm except for my nose and lips and my ears. That’s all for now…


November 20, 2007

Okay, I did it! I went to the hair place today and I chopped it ALL off. Not really, but I did get a new cut and a new style.. sort of. I explained to the nice lady what my issues were and what I wanted to do. She very nicely told me how that wouldnt work and then told me what she would do if she were me. So, she cut about 3 inches off the back, and put long layers through the whole thing, which gives the top half of my hair more body and curl, so I’m basically now curly everywhere, instead of just curly on the bottom. I’m still getting used to it, but so far I like it. I can still put it in a pony -which is good for the pool and the gym, so overall I’m happy. I don’t have any new pictures, but I will try to get some tommorow, after I’ve had a day to live with it and figure out the best way to apply product and all of that – but so far, so good!


November 09, 2007

I am currently in LA, was here today for work and a lunch, and then am here tommorow before we go on vacation. So I’m blogging from Best Friends living room after having lunch with Bri Bri the Boss, and Best Friend. After much debate, we decided to purchase a pay per view, as opposed to going to the movies. Since the choices are limited we opted for “Knocked Up” starring Katherine Heigle and that chubby guy with the curly hair. Here are some of the things we heard about the movie which prompted our choice to rent it: “A good movie – but dont watch it with your in-laws.” and “TOTALLY funny” and “OMG the funniest movie of the year”. Heres what we think after having watched it “Do boys really act like that?” and “OMG why do people like this movie” and “perhaps the dumbest movie of the year” and “seriously, they just showed someones vagina”. Best Friends quote of the night “I did not like that movie” – when she is serious she doesnt use contractions, so watch out people.

Tommorow is a day of planning and prep for the big vacation. Best Friend is going to the trainer, and I might chop of all my hair. Or I could just sleep in and decide which 10 things to leave behind…


November 05, 2007

So, thanks to New Friend with the honesty about the faux hawk… Best Friend feels the same, and realistically I do as well. I’ve researched the wedge and here is what I am afraid of…

                 The Style….                                     The Desired…                               What I think will happen.

Back to the hair designing board.

November 03, 2007

There is NOTHING on TV these days. I find it exceedingly frustrating. I should correct myself – theres plenty of TV on Sunday – Thursday, but Friday and Saturday – there is not much. I suppose the fact that I am home watching the bad TV says something about me – but really, theres not much. Theres alot of reality tv… so tonight I’m flipping between some reality shows, and a bad movie I’ve already seen 27 times.

On a new subject, I’m debating getting a haircut. A… drastic one. Currently I have the medium length, medium brown coarse curly hair… and I have been debating on a variation of the the following style for a while. Now, I realize that it is not practical but it sure sounds fun in concept. Any suggestions anyone? I’m afraid of having super short hair – because I have so much of it, but I can’t remember the last time I didnt have my hair in a pony tail – so doesnt that mean I should chop it off?? Also the ladies in my WEC class told me when you are over 30 you should have short hair… which was a rule, I wasnt aware existed. I learn new things there every time!



October 31, 2007
Not One

Well, its Halloween today, and I again bought some candy – and had… none. Not one. Zero trick-or-treaters… sad.

Oh well.

In other news, my arm is starting to bother me again. It really hurts tonight. I need to find a doc, so I can get it fixed, or medicated so it doesnt impact Belize.

That’s all.

October 27, 2007
Busy Day!

Today was a good day, a busy day but a good one. I slept GREAT last night, I changed the sheets, and added a third blanket to the bed – so now I have my super thick organic flannel sheets, 3 blankets and a comforter on my bed. I apparently do less of the nutjob things when I have more weight in the covers, so that was great. I didnt wake up anywhere funny or doing anything abnormal. I had Altar Guild this morning, so spent the first part of the morning at Church setting up for tommorow, FINDING MY IPOD – YAY, and enjoying the site we have. After a brief stop at home, I headed up to SLO for awhile. I used my Borders coupons, and added to my “vacation books” pile. I now have… 6, and will probably hit the used bookstore to gather up a couple of others. I read alot. ALOT. After that I headed over to the NICU to visit Kelly. I got to hang out there, and then go in and see Aubrey for a while. She entertains me. She’s going to be a spitfire when she grows up. I can’t wait! After that I came home and chnaged into warm clothes – that was an exciting moment… more on that somewhere else, you’ll have to find it – and went ot the Central Coast Classic. This would be a marching band field show – 7 bands doing thier shows. I LOVE IT – and knew some of the players in some of the bands. Good Job Hobbit – way to lead your drumline, and yay Katie – Band agrees with you. After sitting in the cold with Mark for a couple hours, I’m back home. I’m currently listening to Simon FREAK OUT over some stuff, you’ll have to read his blog to find out why.

All in all a good day. Yay.

October 26, 2007
Less of Both

Okay – so who knows if its because today is Friday, and some of the situations I mentioned below seemed to calm down for the day, but I am much less antsy and irritated as I was last night – which I have to say is good. So let’s see where to begin… First – my bathing suit situation got resolved. I ordered two and they are the following… as a reminder… I’m the goofball in the middle… convienently sized so you can see what the suits look like compared to me…

The blue one is a “PoolProof” one, and actually the blue on mine will be magenta, and its a t-back, so the back of it will be the magenta. The brown was is just… brown, with a interesting front. The hopes are that they arrive prior to me going on vacation, otherwise its see through bathing suit in Belize, or sans bathing suit in Belize and really no one wants that to happen.

I think the other big piece of the agitation was the upcoming vacation. I was having this panic that I had remembered the price of things wrong, and wasnt going to have enough money and that I was going to be able to get to Belize, but not actually do anything there, and it was going to be a terrible expierence, and Best Friend was going to hate me – I dont know, it was a bunch of inner turmoil, but I got that figured out today as well, and so its going to be good.

**I’m in a protecting peoples names and faces mode tonight –
so forgive the codenames (New Friend, Best Friend – etc).**

So what else.. ummm I totally misread an email from New Friend today in the midst of work and thought someone at her work had kicked a coworker… when in reality – no one kicked anyone. But the mental picture I had of grown adults kicking each other out of anger was HYS-freaking-TERICAL! I would like to kick some folks, so it was a fun picture.

Finally, I did get some sleep last night, but apparently did enough wacky things that the cat found a new place to sleep, wedged under the balance ball on the futon in the office. I woke up a couple of times, once talking to myself in the living room, and once talking to… someone? about something?… in the hallway. Really, I’m fun to share a hotel room/cabin/sleeping quarters with.

Okay – I think thats it – I’m laundering tonight at my moms, so hopefully I will get that done soon, and can get alot of sleep – so I’m well rested to do alot of things this weekend… should be fun!


October 25, 2007
Equal Parts Antsy and Irritated.

I am equal parts ANTSY and IRRITATED. I think that the latter is driving the former, and theres nothing I can do about it. Things I currently find irritating: 3 specific situations at work, a specific social situation, and my bathing suit situation. The first two – I can’t really discuss in an open forum on the blog – but let me tell you, I am irritated. The bathing suit situation is my own darn fault. I chalk it up to “Things I didnt know that were important, but apparently should have.” I’d like to blame them all on my mother, but really thats not fair. My new bathing suit that I love is trashed. The cholorine ate through it in a few places, and its almost not wearable. Thats a total bummer because, I really like it. Its not see through yet, but its headed there – so I might try to get a couple more uses out of it, while I wait for the 2 new ones I ordered to come. So I ordered a “PoolPruf” suit and a cute brown one. I thought about getting a cute Tankini – but opted against. If the fit is weird, it could be a bad situation – so maybe next time. I’m in the pool several hours each week, and this disinegrating of the suit was not something I expected.

The irritation is driving the antsy. I feel like I could jump out of my own skin, and I am exhausted and yet not really able to sleep. I played this game last night, and it sucked. I’m antsy about the above, I’m antsy about my vacation – whats it going to be like, its a lot of money, its totally worth it, but still – just driving the antsy. I feel over caffinated, but I havent had any caffiene since like.. I don tknow.. 11 this morning, its a random feeling. It makes me nuts – but it happens. So tommorow I can hit the gym or the pool and get it out of my system, but for tonight I guess I’ll just fidget.

What else – I dont know, the blogging things is fun, but I feel like I dont know whose reading it, so I dont really know what to say. I mean I’d love to lay it out in great detail – but I’m guessing thats not good.. so instead, I will leave you with a vague blog about vague things and those of you that can fill in some of the cracks – yahoo for you, and those of you that can’t, sad times.

Allright well – wish me luck with the sleeping. I think its a lost cause. Is it bad that I want the cat to be forced to stay away too – I kept nudging him and flicking him so he stayed awake, but I feel bad. I let him go to bed a while ago… maybe more later.

Okay – its later, but not later enough to justify a new post or title or whatever. I just wanted to say a quick thought about new friends. There has been serious stuff happening with Kelly and Andy and thier new babies. It happened too soon, and has been intense, and its been really challenging to find the positive in it. It just feels overwhelming to think about, and I don’t realize that its an overwhelming situation, until I’m half way through telling someone about it or filling them in on the latest and then it sorta registers… I tried to go up for a BDay blessing on behalf of the girls last weekend at Church, but I was sitting there thinking about it and I got SO hit with it, that I couldnt do it. I think I would have lost it – so I’m going to try again this weekend. I digress, I think one of the positive things that has come out of this situation is a new friend. I’ve gotten to know a new friend a bit more the last couple of weeks, and she is now one of my email buddies and its great. I tend to be such a hermit, so it’s nice to have a new friend. I’m SOOOO damn glad too, cause I’ve heard all these stories over the years, and turns out she’s heard all sorts of stories from things happening over here on my end and its so fun to get to share them – theres not a lot of explanation, cause she already knows most of the background, and thats really nice. So my New Friend – I’m pretty sure you’ll read this at some point in the next day or so, and I just wanted to say yippee, I’m glad we’re new friends. It’s one of the positives of the last 10 days.




October 24/25, 2007
Cant Freaking Sleep

I cant sleep. I am EXHAUSTED and can’t sleep. I went to bed at 11:30, planning to get up at 7 to go for a walk, get coffee walk back and be here and ready by 8AM. I thought I smelled smoke, so I got up, nothing. Then the cat came to viisit and he bit me. Then I read for a while, but I dont like my book and there was a siren. Then I tried visualizing…calming things and counting backwards from 1 zillion.


I am sad. I enjoy the sleep. I enjoy it very much, and currently – I cant.

Should make tommorow/today fun.


October 22, 2007
Man – I’m a web updater like no other

So I’m done updating blogs for the night, I have nothing new or exciting to report.

October 20, 2007
What a week.

What a week this has been. I can’t believe how crazy this all has been. I think by now everyone knows that Kelly and Andys daughters were born this week. They are considered micropreemies, because they were born and 29 weeks. It’s been amazing to participate in the activities of the last week and to see Kelly and Andy fight through this situation. In addition to having babies 3 months early, they’ve been seperated from one another since hours after the babies were born. I am so proud to call Kelly my good friend, her demeanor and approach is a testimony to inner strength. I’ve had the privledge of meeting Aubrey and hanging out with her a couple of times in the NICU. She is a super cute little girl and cracks me up with the moving. She’s always moving moving moving moving. Brooklyn I know less about, but Andy sent me a new pic this morning, and I posted it on the web.

That has really taken up the bulk of my energy this week. I’m so glad I got to have jobs. I have to say a big kudos to the husbands of the world that have spent the night in the hospital with thier wives.. cause that job is a tough one. I loved doing it but Hospitals arent really restful places… which I found interesting.

More later,

October 16, 2007
What a day.

Wow – what a day. Kelly had her babies this morning which is nuts and totally unexpected. They are doing okay though, and everyone is in good spirits and doing well. I got to go up there and hang out for a bit and meet the newest Sanders – shes so darn tiny, but sooo cute. She had her hand up in the “waving hello” position when I went in was cute, and later she was giving us “two thumbs up” so Aubrey is doing well. The other baby Brooklyn, is up north so they can tackle her heart condition.

So I was so happy to get to run errands for Kelly tonight. I have a couple of things that I have to google, but I got to go to a maternity store and I’ve added to the list of things I want to do “when I grow up”. First… laundry mats, second… stand up comedy, third… freaking maternity wear for plus size ladies. Give me a freaking break – there was a total of two expensive options for the big girls in that store. There was a whole store of choices for the skinny ones, but 2 choices for the big girls – it was dissapointing.

With that said, I”m tired and am going to update more tommorow. I’m not sure how this whole blogging thing is going to work, but I’m going to figure it out.


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